Sending packages via 7-11

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Have you ever used 7-11 for sending packages around Taiwan? If yes, then you probably know that in order to do that, one need to use iBon machine. The last time I used it, it took me around 10 minutes to fill out a sender’s and receiver’s information. Partly because I had to fill it out in Chinese by using bopomofo, which I still can’t get used to and in daily life use pinyin for typing messages in Chinese.

Anyway, it took me some time to fill everything out and then I got a sort of a compact sticker with a sender’s and receiver’s information (I think before that machine used to print our A4 list and then a sales assistant used a tape to stick the A4 list to a package).

So the thing I’d like to know here is can I somehow use 7-11 website for filling out all necessary information online before sending a package (maybe just copy-paste the info, if the system allows to do that instead of typing) and print it out on my computer ?

If that is possible, can anyone provide a step by step guide of how to do that on 7-11 website, please?


Check the 7 Eleven website, then click on 寄件 and look for 線上快速填寫寄件資料立即線上寄件 , then you need to fill up the Information

Also you can use the OPEN Point App (寄件);C051;0,30,55,

Ibon Kiosk steps for sending package from one 7-eleven to other 7-eleven;C051;0,4,20,

More sources and Info


Maybe this is of use for you:


The first video is extremely useful!!! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
And thanks for the articles!

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Hey! Really thanks for that website! Are you the owner of the website?
I found a lot of interesting stuff there :slight_smile:

Also, I’d like to know, if you ever tried to send multiple parcels at the same time?
If yes, after filling our all recipients information, do I get several QR codes in that app?

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I’m not the owner but a regular visitor. I’ve never used the app to send parcels I normally do that in-store.

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