Sending through DHL with prepaid return label to TECRO (TECO)

I need to send my “United States Certificate of Loss of Nationality” to TECRO to be authenticated, and would like to use DHL or another mailing service that has online tracking because it is an important document that I don’t want to lose it. I need to also send a prepaid return label along with it for them to send back the original with the authentication. I don’t live nearby any shipping service station (I live in South-East Taiwan), and I would rather not have to travel to Kaohsiung, or Taipei etc. to accomplish this.

If this possible to get a prepaid return label using the 7-11 DHL service, or some way to get DHL, Fedex, UPS to pick up the document at my home and send it along with a prepaid return label? Also, does anyone know what a prepaid return label is called in Chinese?

It’s possible to create Fedex labels online and schedule a pick-up online. You could print the return label and include it in the envelope.

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