Seoul is putting solar on all public buildings and 1 million homes


meanwhile, Taiwan, which once had many solar companies recognized internationally does nothing…as always.
as much as I hate to do this:
South Korea :clap:


Seoul’s plan seems quite simplistic, just handing out panels to households like Santa Claus. I wonder if households there can sell their generated energy back to the grid?

1 million? Big woop. Taiwan is putting corrugated iron on top of 10 million homes!


It’s FA in terms of their population true, but at least they are actually showing some awareness that solar panels exist. :wink:

Bravo Seoul. Meanwhile in the US, we resist such grand plans like we resist the metric system.




My parents live in the country (Cheongyang) and all the houses around them (all five of them lol) have solar panels on their roofs. In the summer, they get a credit from the electric company due to their surplus. I hope this can be implemented in Taipei soon.


Maybe we can sell them to Korea?

Relatively nothing , they just started a lot of schemes and you can see the panels.down south. focused on farm and factory rooftops and also fish farms.

Taiwan could do WAY more ,.It’s crazy cos they had mutilpe solar panel factories here I niece but they were throwing money at private companies and taipower for fossil fuel power expansion …Corruption ! You can see all the plants on the west coast if you drive on 61.


Taiwan solar players lost out to China solar players.
Read up on Motech, stock code 6244.
Historical high above NT$1000.
Now under NT$9.
Once top 6 player in the world in 2007.
Same stories for other Taiwan solar makers.

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Didn’t they merge or something to fight the scale advantage Chinese makers had?

Taiwan companies merge?

ASE and SPIL merged and it was a kicking and screaming affair

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I know them well and their plants in Miaoli. The govt has started to subsidise them finally as per merger mentioned, it’s a brutal business anyway.

Another fair question: Why can’t we build more value-added solar panels than Chinese companies? Better ones that cost more?

the [central] government was willing to chip in as much as $47 billion to help build its solar manufacturing into what it calls a “strategic industry.”

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Yep there’s no way the Taiwanese could complete directly.
.My mindset is we subsidise polluting industry and loads of wasteful crap, the govt should have subsidised local solar years and years ago.

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