Separated at birth: Mayor Ma and Robert Vaughn

What about separated at birth photos of Mayor Ma and U.S. actor Robert Vaughn of the Man from UNCLE series? Those two gents look very very alike. If someone could just post the two of them side by side, you will see what I mean…

NoTE: The Man From UNCLE (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement).

here are some black white photos of RB.
compare with MAyor Ma

the hair, the face, the …

Also separated at birth:

You and your brain

Everyone knows Ma is the Chinese Bryan Ferry:

Bryan Ferry? Close. But. He looks more like Dustin Hoffman.

I think Mayor Ma is…dreamy…

(in a nightmarish sort of way)

Ma Ying-jeou: The Man from T.U.N.C.L.E

Am I the only one to think that the pic from wikipedia had a faintly bruce campbellish look about it?