Serious car accident in YMS

So a truck was going downhill like if it didn’t have breaks and…

I was about to post that video. OK, it is a rule of thumb those heavy cement or sand trucks cannot break. This is not the first time they have obliterated whole families. Last one was in Keelung, on Father’s day, simply run over a smaller car. That they are overloaded and simply drive too fast to break is a given. But it is simply criminal to have them on smaller streets. At least the Keelung accident was in an exit ramp. This was clearly a red light. The smaller car was turning slowly because there was not enough room. The scooter guy made it home by the chin hair of a bald frog. he probably saw his life flash by.

i know that truck was bombing down the street at speed but this could have been avoided if using observation when entering the street. do they seriously not teach this here or what? because everyone does it, everyone just looks directly infront and sooner or later ‘accidents’ like this are going to happen as a result.

It’s examples like this that cause me to imagine I’m invisible and that people in vehicles are trying to kill me. I try to always check every possible dangerous situation at every moment when driving.


Nah, we’re in Taiwan, he probably didn’t notice anything


I do the same, but it’s the ones that happen fast that you can’t avoid.

After being on the road for awhile, I still don’t understand how people turn right out of a side street without looking. Just because there’s nothing in your tunnel vision doesn’t mean there’s no cars coming from your left…

…or an Ama on an old motorbike riding on the wrong side of the road coming from your right. This happens to me daily in Yilan, Amas are out of control here.

So many people just assume it’s okay to do something stupid or illegal if you do it S-L-O-W-L-Y. :frowning:

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you have the footage of the accident?

Scooters… or bicycles.

A stretch of road when I am driving home from the gym has a road entering my road with a blind exit and cars just drive out of that street into the path of the main street I drive on like they are on an airport runway and can see everything around me. Not sure if they just don’t give a f*ck or don’t think it could happen to them? I have no idea. Anyways, I drive 20-35km/h usually. Sometimes my GPS will tell me my avg driving speed was 22km/h and I drove home for 30mins.

I seriously want to buy a bakkie with a DUK bullbar in the front and brake enough but still tap into drivers that turn right into my path without looking left :joy: will be glorious

It’s this. I used to live on Chaozhou behind NTNU; the intersection of Chaozhou and Yongkang is like a double blind. People just barrel through it every day, figuring it won’t be them. Every so often I’d hear a big crash, look out the window, and yet again two scooters had collided at full speed.

My new place has a similar intersection, and yep, every week the ambulance shows up there too. No wonder medics think of scooters and motorcycles as job security.

Well, in his defense, at the speed the truck was coming, with that curve, he probably never saw it coming…

…until he was greeted by Saint Peter or his equivalent in Buddist/Taoist heaven.

The video is in the news article.

I was watching the Taiwanese news. With absolutely no attemp at a segue, they went from this horrific story of death and carnage to some bullshit fluff about a Taiwanese woman who is now famous on social media for having an attractive ID photo.

I would like someday to do an study of how the heck do they follow any kind of order/sequence in Taiwanese news channels. I mean, you go from serious political stuff to YouTube cute videos to explicit accidents and murder…Mindboggling.

The news here can be divided into 50% CCTV footage of scooter/car crashes, 30% stories of kawaii YouTube stars famous for taking pictures of their food or bathroom, and 20% the scandal du jour (usually involving sex, politicians, fighting, suicide or some combination of the above).

The news is stupid and there’s no pattern, but 100% better than terrorist attacks if you ask me.

The corner in which the truck came zipping out of is a very very high speed spot on Yang De Blvd. The segment after this turn, after the 7-11, I’ve hit my highest speed on my bicycle. I sometimes fear my breaks will just…die on that descent. I do try to avoid it at all costs.

Eh, I worry a lot more about bad drivers here than I did about terrorists in the west. Especially since I’ve had a few close calls myself. The fear is only ramped up after you have a kid.