Service animal?

My wife and I adopted a dog, my wife has horrid psychiatric disorders and was recommend a service dog to help.

Of course she wants to go home for Christmas bud of course she wanted to be take.on the

In Taiwan, only guide dogs are recognized as “service animals” for general public.

Sounds like she needs considerably more than a “service dog”.



Sorry typing this while stupid sleepily.

Oh I know! We just weren’ sure wwe the import restrictions are on bringing animals back。he’s sweet cotton.

Also, she’s back on her medication it’ll hetitd a bug.

Is it a dog she has? Which country are you travelling to? Taiwan is generally considered rabies free and as such importing dogs and.cats into other countries is generally easy. You can double check current status here

Their website is crap, call them for real answers.

The bigger issue is going to be bringing the pet back to taiwan, especially if you are travelling to a rabies zone (most of the world).

Yes we currently have him in our possession and he’s born and bred in Taiwan. It would be a 2-3 week vacation to America, nothing extremely long.

I know leaving won’t be much of a hassle but it’s getting him back into Taiwan that scares us the most.

Thank you for the help!

The dog will be quarantined when you return, so you need to plan for time away from it.


so will they

Dog is only one week. Humans are two.



Finally the world is logical!

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