Service In Taiwan's Pubs

Do you think that the service in Taiwan Pubs is above, the same or below the level that you experience in your country of origin?

  • a) yes it is better, where I am service does not exist please state your country of origin
  • b) yes it is better, but where I am from, they are very close
  • c) Pretty good but not better than back home
  • d) For what service staff in Taiwan earn, they do an okay sort of job, I do not mind to wave for my next drink
  • e) They are almost perfect when the places I frequent are busy and a loss when it is slow
  • f) Service here is really bad in general
  • g) Don’t care, never go to a pub
  • h) Never been to Taiwan

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With few exceptions I must rate it pretty poor

There appears to be certain concepts of what constitues ‘Good Service’ which are neither understood, taught or demonstrated in the vast majority of restraunts, pubs and public establishments.
People seem to accept or make excuses for this generally dismal level of service. I just don’t think it is, at this point, something which is fully understood by the general Taiwan populace.

What he said.

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