Service that can box away the stuff in my apartment

This February I found myself stuck in my home country and I won’t be back to Taiwan at least until 2021 because of work arrangements.

I still have a lot of stuff in the room that I’m renting, so far I kept paying rent from abroad, but now I’d like to find a way to have all my stuff packed in a temporary deposit instead.

The only people I know well enough for asking something like this won’t be in Taiwan -at least- for a very long time.

I think I could ask my landlords to move my things out of the room (hopefully), but then they would have to pile everything in some corridor until next year, which isn’t really acceptable for me (or them…) :sweat_smile:

Is there a service that can move my things to a box storage? Should I trust my stuff with such a service while I’m a couple continents away?

My rent would be about 40k for the next 6 months, I might not be back as soon as next January, so I’d say my budget is ~55k AT MOST for the moving and the storage unit (but possibly it’d be much less than that).

I don’t know anything about this place other than I’ve walked by it a few times. It says they do self-storage and offer delivery/pick-up services of some sort.

You could maybe ask Steven the Mover for a quote (Google, and I believe he advertises on here). Might not be cheap but worth looking into.


I’m taking a look into these, thanks

Do you have 55k worth of stuff in the apartment? If not just call the landlord explain you can’t return due to Covid 19 restrictions and you’ll post them the keys if they wish.

It seems Boxful could do pick up and storage for 13k twd, I have at least that much. Just need someone to pack the stuff into their boxes…

Just give your landlord 10k for doing it.