Serviced Apartment/ Hotel that allows pets?

Just had a few disasterous days in Taipei looking for somewhere to live and came up with nothing suitable.

We are moving there in January and will have 2 cats with us, so does anyone know of a serviced apartment that we can rent for a month or so until we find a suitable place to move into?

The majority of hotels and serviced apartments don’t allow pets so I am hoping that someone reading this may have a recommendation.


Won’t your pets have to be holed up in quarantine for a month anyway?

Long story, but basically, I have found a guy that will send the cats to Japan first which will mean that they don’t have to go into quarantine in Taipei when they get there…

I’m quite familiar with quarantine rules, and I’m pretty sure that you will have to provide proof that they’ve been in Japan for six months before you can bring them over here. Check this very carefully.

I know that the pets should be resident in Japan for at least 6 months, but I have met a “Pet Broker” who has got some dodgy vet in Japan that is willing to duplicate the documents I already have and sign whatever documents needed to prove that the pets have been living there.

I know that this all sounds very back-handed, but I’ve spoken to others that have used him and got their pets into Taiwan this way, at a price of course!

Anyway, back to my original query - any places that allow pets to stay?

In Taiwan, pets are allowed at all apartments, even large dogs!

Ever since I came to Taiwan seven years ago, I’ve wished that I could find a neighborhood that doesn’t allow dogs so that I wouldn’t have to worry about being woken up in the middle of the night. But as far as I know, there is nowhere in Taiwan that doesn’t allow dogs. And since dogs are allowed in all apartments, then I’m sure that cats would also be allowed.

I’m not sure about hotels, though. Most hotels in Taiwan have carpeted floors, so they probably wouldn’t want you to bring your cats in the room, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you let the cats run around outside all night.