Setting up wireless connecton on XP Chinese!

Help, I used a usb 2.0 wireless connecting USB dongle = whatsit.

I can’t find the options to set the encryption to 64 bit in Windows xp when setting up the wilreless network connection.

The option just doesn’t seem to exist anywhere in the Xp configuration.

My other Pc has IBM connections which handles all of this with ease. But XP network connections for wireless doesn’t.


… did you install the driver that came with the dongel?
… does the system manager accept it as a network device?

Well, I found the source of the problem:

Windows Zero-configuration tool… it sometimes doesn’t work well, esp. with older hardware.

So… … hp/3577111

and … g1102.mspx

were very helpful.

There’s no real solution for everyone.

But, basically, turn off Wzc tool and use the old card’s driver software.


And here’s the definitive answer: … g1102.mspx