Severance pay in Taiwan


I am a Taiwanese girl, and have just been fired by my vindictive boss of five months who has a reputation for firing people for no good reason. As the company I was working for is Taiwanese I have no contract to rely on, but I believe that I am legally entitled to severance pay. Although I believe the way in which I was fired was without any due cause, (more to do with a personality clash between me and my boss) I have no wish to sue the company for wrongful dismissal (although I beieve I could). However I would like to be fully compensated for this dismissal and if anyone knows about the laws surrounding severance pay in Taiwan I would very much like to find out.

I hope you can help me, and offer advice to anyone else suffering this type of problem.

(If anyone has a good recipe for a Molotov Cocktail, that might be useful too)

(I am kidding)




Here’s the information you need:
labor dispute help

Although if you’ve been there for less than six months, I don’t think you’ll be entitiled to much, if anything.

Good luck