Sex & drugs party at the Grand Hyatt!


They shouldn’t have ordered room service.

Especially if its bacon

$500NT cover…call me for the next one.

Cocaine? How retro. Never heard of that being done here.
I am also in Toe; maybe you can organize one yourself… :wink:

From the Taipei Times: Police bust ecstasy party at Hyatt

From the China Post: Police investigating wild sex-capade

All I know if that all of those people might be having a good time chewing betel nuts and lying under the floor under glow in the dark sticks, but when they die, they are going to end up “IN HELL!” At least I’m pretty sure that’s what the Taipei Times editorial will say tomorrow. They take stands, you know!

i guess someone forgot to grease the right palms.

I always grease the left one.

Only 13 women for 30 guys! That’s not a very healthy balance. It would need to be the other way round to get me interested.

What I can’t figure out is why they had sex and drugs but no rock and roll? On the other hand, they were only charging NT$500 per person, so I guess you get what you pay for.

I’m pleased you boys are finding this all very amusing!

I can’t help but agree, but just for your interest, thought I’d point out that there are posters on a thread in the Human Rights forum insinuating that the prevalence of drug-sex-parties on the gay scene is a reason for NOT granting same-sex couples marriage rights! Gays can’t marry until they behave more responsibly, kind of thing…

Interesting difference of perspective, no? :wink:

I don’t think they were gay.

[quote=“mod lang”]I don’t think they were gay.

Hsueh said that officers entered in time to save a woman from being gangraped.

“Her panties had been ripped off and she was surrounded by 15 men,” Hsueh said. “However, when we took her back to the station, she was not able to remember what drugs she had taken and what had happened to her.”

Gang raped? Awfully presumptious on the part of the cops and/or the press. Sounds like she got herself into a situation she couldn’t control. At least she has the “I don’t know what drugs I took, I don’t know what happened” excuse to fall back on.

I think it is weird that none of the gay parties have been busted, since it seems they’ve been going on a lot longer and with greater frequency. You’d think in this society they would bust the gays ones, but “overlook” the straight ones.

I was thinking the same thing.

Yes, it’s clear the Commissioner of Police wasn’t invited.

At first I thought he was until I reread this ambiguous sentence from the Taipei Times:

[quote]Participants told the police that they had to pay NT$500 each to join the party, although they had been all invited by Chen.


Where do the newspapers get their stories from? Their thumbs? Or were there two parties at the Hyatt last night?


Is this where you come when the New York Times ditches you?

all i know is…how come I wasn’t invited…

hmm…I wonder why… :blush:

BTW, what the heck is FM2? I’m totally out of the current drug culture slang.