Sexiest Friend

Who is the sexiest Friend?

  • Monica
  • Joey
  • Rachel
  • Ross
  • Chandler
  • Phoebe

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Who is your favorite Friend? Why?

The only thing you know after 7 seasons is that they have extremely huge closets. They never wear anything twice.

Why don

Ross… smart, sensitive, kinda dopey… my kinda guy.


Whose friends are these? What does this poll mean? My best friend’s name is Tim, but he never calls, never writes…

Dude, would you give it up already? I’m still freaking out over the time you broke into my apartment, dressed up in my pajamas and my girlfriend’s high heels and made a home movie for me of you dancing on my coffee table.:shock: That resulted in a restraining order that is still in effect, in case you’ve forgotten. Please just go away.

I don’t like Friends. But Rachel would do nicely, though I heard she is married to a prat (in real life) …

No Rascal, that’s a PITT, not a PRAT!

I think dumb Joey is hot. But he’s Italian, so that goes without saying. The hot part.

You’ll have to make some new friends if Tim’s neglecting you. :frowning:
Try the Oriented Happy Hours one of these days, eh?
Ties are not enforced.

What’s a “pitt”? I think you are trying to get back at me for the “weiner”, aren’t you? :? :wink:

Perhaps it’s just because I can’t pronounce BRAD correctly … :laughing:

Brad, if you’re reading this, can you call Miss Wang ?

:?: Perhaps I am missing something here - but who the heck is Miss Wang!? :?: