Sexual allegations -- political aspects

If you are referring to Bill Clinton, I agree fully. He should have been investigated by a special prosecutor, and, if the evidence was sufficient, impeached by the House and brought to judgement in the Senate.


No journalist has ever asked Bill Clinton about Juanita Broaddrick’s repeated public accusations that he raped her. Bill Clinton himself has never denied Broaddrick’s accusation.

FWIW, that doesn’t seem quite true:

Asked about Broaddrick’s allegation at a news conference earlier in the day, President Clinton said: “Well, my counsel has made a statement about the . . . issue, and I have nothing to add to it.” Attorney David E. Kendall’s statement called the charge “absolutely false.”

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If only Clinton had admitted in a recorded conversation that he forced himself on women and grabbed them by their genitals, maybe the right would be reacting differently.

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I stand corrected. One journalist in 1999 asked Clinton about Broaddrick’s repeated public accusations that he brutally raped her and he himself has never denied her accusation.

As for putting politics above principle in Donald Trump’s and Roy Moore’s cases the evidence is overwhelming that both are sexual predators who should be drummed out of public service and prosecuted for their sexual crimes.

Can’t make this shit up :rofl:


"The 33-year-old, who has been branded the “conscience of the conservative movement”, "

Someday… over the rainbow… they’ll find a proper conscience, I’m sure.


This comic is from just a few days ago, it’s basically 100% the story of the life of that guy, just swap anime for gay people! That’s amazing!

The weird thing is how defensive people become when the frequency with which the virulently anti-gay turn out to be gay is pointed out.

Whenever I meet a homophobe I immediately assume that the guy’s gay. It’s usually the case.

“I’m not gay, I just like cocks” - Wes Goodman, probably


The really weird thing is how often overcompensation stares you in the face before you realize what’s really going on.

Do you rank as high as any in Rome?

Given the state of politics in today’s America, I am guessing #4 would happen. Just based on what the gov said “I believe the women, but the GOP needs to senate” or something.

And we get this…

The status quo in America today is more like “They’re nothing but a bunch of looney tune bimbo eruptions because you never know what you’re going to get when you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park.”

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A hundred? Too much.

I chose the BB article so that the hardcore Covfefists wouldn’t call it fake news. She actually spoke to the AP.

“There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children,” Ivanka told The Associated Press. “I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.

Trump also was thrown into the chaos last week. She happened to be exiting meetings at the Capitol when word first broke that Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama, had been accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls during the late 1970s, when he was in his 30s. She brushed off reporters’ shouted questions, saying, “Guys, I’ve been here all day.”

Trump weighed in on the scandal to the AP, saying: “There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children. I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.” She did not call for Moore to exit the race.

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Good move. If I could stomach BB, I would probably have, too.