Kevin Spacey Came Out

Seth MacFarlane knew it 10 years ago.

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It’s not like it was a surprise. Only the part about going after 14-year-olds was a surprise.

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He’s a coward for using coming out as a diversion of allegations against him.

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I thought it was common knowledge?

I assume he’s got PR people who advise him, so I’m amazed they thought they’d pull off a stunt like this. It’s backfired massively.

EDIT: Actually, it’s such a dumb move that I can only assume he did it off his own bat. I think a lot of these stars get so out of touch that they lose all self-awareness. He probably thought people would feel sympathy for him if he came out.

I had the same impression. It sounded like:“Hey, I might have molested some young kids…but at least I’m gay! Am I right, guys???”…I mean, wtf…was he trying to pull a Polanski?

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Or not

When I saw the article, I was thinking…coming out as what? And what does gay have to do with it… I’m not too quick to throw stones though. i married at 18 to a great fellow who is 10 years older than me. 34 years of marriage so I guess the age difference was ok for us. 14 is a lot different than 18

Effective virtue signaling is difficult when you’ve just been accused of being a child molester.

I had the impression he had already revealed that part of his personality in interviews.

Awful timing. Not appropiate. Not helping.

so i just read it. spacey was 26, and was partying with a 17 year old (who i can only assume was also gay) and this guy who was 14(also gay). later when there was nobody left spacey(drunk) picked this kid up and then layed on him. sure its harassment and its creepy but i’ve heard of far worse. i wouldn’t put him in the same category as the singer from lost prophets. sorry if i’m not outraged about it.

First the Harvey Weinstein joke, and now this Stewie clip. I guess Seth is pretty plugged in to the Hollywood rumor mill. Who knows how many more of these soothsayer nuggets he has hidden in his show? Finally there’s a reason to watch ‘Family Guy’ again.

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So I had to go and look up what he was accused of, and I was kinda surprised. Yeah, it was … deeply icky, but hardly ‘abuse’. Apart from the age difference (he was 26 at the time), what happened was no worse than what goes on at the average frat party.

Assuming that’s not the only skeleton in his closet (and honestly, it’s just a single bone of indeterminate origin) I thought his response to the accusation was appropriate and adequate. TBH I’m getting a bit sick of minor celebrities doing the oooh, oooh, I was abused too thing. Seems there are some genuine psychos and some genuine victims of serious assault. Asserting that somebody who stroked your hair or patted your ass has left you traumatized for life is a bit much.


Who exactly made you guys the All Seeing Arbiters of what does and what doesn’t constitute “abuse”??

What colossally stupid egoism.

Next time someone marginalizes or disaffects you based on your skin colour, you better check with me first, I’ll let you know if you have the right to be offended.

I’m not saying it didn’t happen. Or saying it isn’t wrong if it did. But I’m not even 30 yet. And I can’t remember many sober nights 5 years ago to detail. So I guess, isn’t it entirely possible Kevin spacey really doesn’t remember something that happened 30 years ago when he’s drunk with a person I’ve never heard of? He didn’t deny it, he just said I don’t remember doing that but if I did I’m sorry.

What Spacey did to the 14-year-old may or may not constitute abuse (it sounds abusive to me, but I wasn’t there). We’ll probably never know the answer to that. But with trial by media these days, he gets punished either way.

Never heard of??
He’s Tony from Dazed & Confused.
How dare you!!!


Whoa, I didn’t even realize that. I just remember him from Rent (uh, I had to watch it for work).

That’s not really my point. I’ve never heard of this guy but that’s not really important. I’m just saying, 30 years is a long time. If he doesn’t really remember this particular event even if did happen. What’s he going to say? Denying it makes you look like a asshole, but I’m certainly not going to throw myself on the sword when I really don’t remember it happening. And with everything going on, it’s not like he has time to sit on it. And he’s not in a court of law. He can’t prove it didn’t happen and the other person isn’t trying to prove it happened. I feel like maybe the coming out was unnecessary but he just simply said he doesn’t remember but if it did I’m sorry.