Sexual allegations -- political aspects

Which has nothing to do with double standards, so why pointing out that I may be applying double standards?

So why bring it into the discussion? Why not mention the thounds if charges of sexual abuse by Christian priests? That would have been more relevant to the issue at hand. You are using the sins of one to make a defense, while ignoring those of the other.

I’m not making any defense. Icon mentioned that abusing children is apparently a common practice in Christianity, so I pointed out that it happens in other religions as well.
I was basically trying to correct a double standard, yet you thought that the best argument was that I was applying double standards? And now that you can’t follow the:“Mah double standards!” nonsense, you switch into:“Well you were kinda off topic, why even bring it into the discussion?” (becuse when religion and pedophilia are connected, mentioning pedophiles who follow a religion is clearly off topic!), and even though at NO POINT in ANY of my replies I defended the action of the Alabama dude, you create a strawman according to which I mention Islam to defend him.
Go on!

Nope. Not all Christianity. In particular, the economically powerful Evangelicals who are a reckoning electoral force. Please read the links.

No double standards as we are sticking to the topic. The religiious affiliation influences their being pliant to political bullshittery. Meaning pedos do not get their day in jail. And that was just the question brefore: why politicians seems immune. Some have the money, but still go down. But if they wrap themselves in religion, they become Superman. Accountability and all that jazz.

It has nothing to do with religion, it’s just about power. The higher you go in the hierarchy of power, the easier it is to dodge bullets. Politicians of all ranks and large business owners have a lot of leverage and can often get away with horrible crimes, while in some countries a private citizen outside of the hierarchy may get arrested for some mean Facebook comments.

The connection between religion and power is that if you can get the support of religion X, you get a large voters/buyers base, which gives you leverage when it comes to power/economical struggles. The fact that people would defend that guy’s actions just because he belongs in their same club is abhorrent, and on the same level as those who justify rape because:“Well, in his country that wouldn’t be rape, how could he know?”.

By the way, I’m assuming the guy is guilty because everyone seems to go along with that, but I’ve not had the time to read into it so I have no idea whether he’s actually guilty or if it’s the kind of sexual allegations that conveniently showed up against Trump within 5/10 minutes of the massive leak of compromising emails from the dems during the electoral campaign.

Simple. It’s all about the culture war with such people. What’s a bit of molestation, assault, attempted rape or worse against our right to continue lording it over everyone. Now that’s a principle one can truly hold close to the heart.

But Muslims! Ummm no.

Eh, their power comes from the voters, who vote them into power because of religion. Pastors telling them who to vote for, the Evangelical agenda promoting their pawns so the coffers will remain tax free, etc. ad nauseum. Pastors telling their flock to be forgiving, as the left is imposing their world view on them, with all its perversity…not noticing the irony of the many pervs among the Church…hence the need for more paws in power.

Go on.

Same cloak, different monkeys - with all due rspect towards monkeys, just a metaphor. Religion is very useful to make people look the other way.

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Me? No. I don’t know why you want to talk about Muslims here, and I’m not interested.

So pedophilia , sexual abuses and rape gangs only matter when the offender(s) wear a cross? Ok, good to know.

Christ man, stop derailing the thread. Start your own Muslims fucking children thread. This is white guys fucking children over here.


I’m sorry, I was thinking all kinds of religion-based sexual abuses had to be grouped together, but that was way too naive of me.

Wait…Christian = white and Muslim = race? This is so confusing…

Christian = white = no good
Muslim = diverse = good


Perhaps. It’s a political question. With regards to the political question of Christians ignoring supposed Christian values when their favored political candidates are concerned, various outrages by Muslims, Christians who are not supported politically by other Christians, Hare Krishnas, or other religious groups are totally irrelevant.

People deflect so much these days they don’t even know when they’re doing it, it’s crazy. Perhaps.

Exactly. Muslims who defend a rapist imam, christians who defend a pedo-priest etc etc are all on the same level: in order to pursuit their own interests and/or deny responsibility of their group, they side with the offender rather than with the victim. It’s not much different from the parents of a killer/rapist/burglar who end up on tv screaming:“Our boy didn’t do anything!”.
That kind of behavior is such a strong self-defense mechanism that it can be very hard to part with it.

That I can agree with!

Weinstein, Spacey, Sheen, a number of UK politicians, Moore etc. Will be interesting to see what is next. Power, whether in arts, politics, cinema, etc., is about power. And it attracts people that are sociopaths.

I am interested in the Canadian aspects of this. Very under-reported. Either Canadians are too polite, or the media is protecting the powers that be. :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: