Sexual allegations -- political aspects

I thought you were defending him, chill.

Yep. They even edit it to fit their particular agenda. If you want to bash Islam, just take suras out of the Quran that the terrorist used to justify doing so. At the same time, when a clinic or doctor is killed but a Christian group or activist, they use biblical references that allow them to do so.
The difference is, one leads to huge backlash and the other leads furthering a political agenda. I will leave it open to decide which is which.

An online search showed me that 11 doctors have been killed in the last 25 years because they were performing abortions. That’s less than one every two years.

I guess the Islam bashing would show greatly reduced numbers if trucks of peace, bombs of peace etc etc killed an average of one person every two years, instead of 70+ a day (based on 2016 data).

Some people try to disguise their Islamophobia. Others, tattoo it across their face. Wow.

So, we can damn an entire people based solely on the actions of a relative few? Oh, where can I begin!

The anti-Christian left, on the other hand, wear it like a badge of honor.

“Christians killing abortions doctors is the same as Islamic terrorism!”
“Actually not, the numbers aren’t even comparable”


So the action has to be quantified by the number of victims? And, we can just damn an entire faith and the followers for the actions of a few?

Nice derail. It is the same argument as men who say “but women also hit us/rape us,/etc”. Sure it happens and society’s perception of it is not the same, but thsi is not a zero sum game. It is all bad. There is no level of worse. It is already at the bottom in all cases.

Oh, the old anti-Christian left routine. How original.

Form each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Anti-Christian indeed.

No less original than the “Islamophobia” schtick.

“A loaded question or complex question fallacy is a question that contains a controversial or unjustified assumption (e.g., a presumption of guilt)”

I reported the numbers, the fact that you like them or not means nothing. I’d say the number of victims caused by anything is a fairly important piece of data, be it islamic terrorism, deaths caused by nazis, deaths caused by communism etc etc. If you tell me that it’s not fair to compare the 22000+ deaths caused by Islamic terrorism in 2016 to the 11 doctors killed by christians in the last 25 years, then by the same logic the millions of people killed by nazis and communists aren’t really an issue, afterall why should we quantify actions based on the number of victims?

Regarding the second question, I didn’t suggest anything like that. That’s the second time today that you make up a strawman based on a conveniently wrong assumption. Better luck next time I guess!

Of course it’s all trash on the same level, which is exactly the reason why I get annoyed by:“But he’s a good christian, he didn’t do anything wrong!” to the same extent that:“He is a good muslim, he didn’t do anything wrong!” annoys me.
Pedophilia and sexual abuse among preachers who spend way too long with kids seems to happen way too often among followers of many religions (2 in particular), so I’m not willing to criticize one while sweeping the other one under the rug because “mah tolerance”. Shit is shit.

Let us know when a Muslim politician in the US (let’s say equivalent to a Senate candidate for argument’s sake) does it and the issue is ignored by his primarily Muslim supporters because of their political leanings. Otherwise, who cares? Muslims do stuff too. We get it.

Muslims do stuff too, but it’s only worth discussing if it’s a US senate candidate or higher up ?_?

I think you’ve finally got it! In the context of a discussion about politicians’ transgressions being ignored for political reasons, yes.

I see! And it would only matter in the US, right? Important figures in islamic countries committing shady stuff and getting away with it don’t matter, then.

In that case it’s true, in the US and at senate-candidate level + no muslim politicians has yet been accused of sexual abuse and received support by his electoral base. Time to keep bashing those evil evangelical/christians/whatever!

Doesn’t seem like Republicans are ignoring the allegations. Things have changed a little since the Clinton days.

Well, we cannot go change the minds and hearts of millions of people who have been raised in a completely different environment that us. That is a monumental task. But a US voter con file a complain, a letter to a representative, vote against what he consideres corrupt. Those actions can make a lasting change in the US. They still can do something, at least per the Constitution there is a separation between Church and State. Hence lies the difference: something can and has to be done at that level.

At ground level, a change in attitudes: see something, say something. As far as I can see, in the US and even UK, those who overstep teh line can be brought to trial. People can promote a culture of respect towards women and children and any otehr population in danger regarding sexual abuses. Again, something can be done. I do not see so called Muslims running rampant that easily if the overwhelming majority is aware what is right and waht is wrong.

But promoting blurred lines, letting politicians go, and in general accepting the Weinsteins of teh world, that is a cancer to society, mroe than the alleged Muslim predators you seek. We already have enough locally sprout problems without looking for extras. Which one is mroe likely to happen in your block? Which one can you do something about?

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In my block in my own country? What’s more likely between a Weinstein-like predator, a high-rank politician who uses his power for personal profit and/or commit sexual abuses, or sexual abuse committed by random muslims? Are you really asking me which of these 3 scenarios is more likely to happen? I don’t think you’d like the answer!

Battle in teh South, battle in the North, battle in your mind…