Sexual allegations -- political aspects


I assumed nothing, it was a question to tie with the first. How you decided to read it is entirely up to you.

Your posts regarding Islam and Muslims appear to be rather clear on your feelings towards them. Not necessarily Islamophobia per se, but I doubt the construction of a mosque near your house would be welcomed with open arms.


Exactly! I really think you do have it.


We were talking about voter tendencies.


I wouldn’t want a temple built next door to me either, have you heard the racket they make. Nothing against peaceful Taoists or Muslims, just don’t wake me up at 4am in the morning.


Ah, the adhan! Yeah. The first time you hear it, its beautiful. The second, nice. The third, really? By the fifth its like “oh, come on already!”

My mom and I dragged my step-dad to Sarajevo one time. He grew up sheltered in Clovis, CA. I still remember the look of absolute horror on his face when he first heard the call to prayer. Didn’t help that by that time it was all done with loudspeakers on the minarets.

This is/was an issue for the residents of Dearborn.

Just for fun (seriously) if you wanna read about it from a 3rd party perspective…

But now, we are off-topic…


I beg to differ. Although better than hearing a wailer (professional crier) wake you up at the auspicious time of 4am being amplified by a crappy set of speakers that probably got used for Karaoke when they are not waking up local residents to a funeral that is about to take place and sounds like a thousand cats being strangled all at once.


And the smoke! :dizzy_face:

I suppose church bells would also be a bit loud if they were next door.


Of course they’re talking about it in “Hollywood North”. It’s just not as big. I don’t even remember the name of the director they named last week for allegedly committing indecent acts dozens of times in Toronto.

What’s been getting more attention lately is the residential school system (Christian schools for aboriginals). Tens of thousands of children were abused, the claims took years to process, a few lawyers got very rich, and then some people wanted to put all the testimony in the archives for history’s sake even though the survivors had been promised privacy (the Supreme Court said the privacy clause needs to be honored, except for those who opt out).

And this sort of thing has been turning up on a smaller scale for many years, but usually just as local news. There’s a medium size scandal once in a while. They even made a miniseries about one in the 90’s.

@IbisWtf, if you’re really so egalitarian like you say, would you mind bringing us news from the Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, animist, and other communities?

@ChewDawg Sorry, I forgot about this guy.

This story has everything: underage sex, politics, religion (he’s a Pentecostal minister), and maple syrup to make Mr. Dawg happy.

The guy resigned btw.


Dismissed it maybe, but missed it? Not likely.


Focus people, focus, white guys doing fucked up shit with kids. But good call bringing Bill “the penis” Clinton into it. That guy should be teaching sexual harassment 101 at Harvard.


it was a loaded question, which is a very cheap strategy in political debates and usually says more about the person asking it rather than the person answering it.

In my hometown areas where mosques are built tend to very quickly lose real estate value, so yes, it would bother me since I own my house. Luckily I’m surrounded by rice fields, so as far as hypothetical questions go, I don’t have to worry about that one.


When those communities will have a direct impact on my life, you can be sure I’ll be more vocal about them. In the meantime, you may learn as much as you want from them by using Google.

In before:“oh so you only care about things that happen to you!!!”

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.


Bill “You’d better put some ice on that” Clinton would be put to better use giving seminars to wealthy donors on “Crowdsourcing Your Sexual Allegations Denials”.


Even “crowd funding” would be glorious


How is it loaded? It is a yes/no question.

Should all Irish be judged on the actions of the IRA? Should Italians be judged on the actions of the mafia and Burlesconi? Should the British be judged on the attitudes of Nigel Farage or Enoch Powell? Should Muslims be judged by the actions of a relative few?

The question is not “are they” it is “should they”?


I gave you the definition of a loaded question. It has nothing to do with the answer being yes/no/42, it’s the question itself that is considered a logical fallacy.

As for the following set of questions, a group is obviously not responsible for the actions of a minority of its members, but that doesn’t change the fact the IRA, mafia, islamic terrorism etc etc are problems. In my whole life I’ve never heard anyone saying:“Oh poor Irish people, they’re going to be judged for the actions of a few!”, and in a similar way I don’t remember people going:“Yeah the IRA is doing this and fact, but that’s not true IRA”.


I’m so sorry to hear that you were victimized by imams in your childhood and/or injured by suicide bombers/drivers. :cry:

I’ll stick to my belief that the world is a very interconnected place in which most effects that occur at any given moment are basically indirect. :2cents:


Which IRA? Original, Provisional, Continuity, or Real? :ponder:

Any movement that gets big enough develops splinter groups sooner or later.


So I guess the correct action is to do nothing, because any effects caused by such splinter groups are indirect…ok, it doesn’t make any sense and it’s causing a rise in right/far right groups who want to tackle the issue, so I guess time will tell.

Well, not me directly, I only lost two friends in terrorist attacks in Europe, so I guess that means I’m not entitled to have some issues with terrorism.


RIP. I still wonder what it has to do with the sex scandals we were talking about (except in an indirect way).