Sexual allegations -- political aspects


Not much. It would be easy to say the thread has gone off the rails, but that would assume there were some rails to start with. Only discobot can save us now.


Oh there are rails, but we try not to be too tyrannical. Of course, it’s all for the glory of the GE.

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Thanks discodude. Plato is cool, but I miss the quotes from that dopey Napoleon guy from the other day…

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Yeah, you really don’t want to see how the sausage is made…


I thought in this thread they intended to talk about scandals of American politicians and on their supporters, so didn’t know why you brought up Muslim problems. Many posters were trying to say that off topic. It seemed as if you were trying to destruct the discussion on the original topic here.


I don’t know what to think. Some of the accusations seem to be true while others seem to be noise. Today, I saw one about Joe Biden…and George Takei… Creep of the day? It used to be that people would play the race card to win an argument. Today, it seems to me that there’s another card they are playing today. I’m not defending predatory behavior at all. I certainly hope that people aren’t accusing just to win something. And why is my life so boring? I’ve worked with really nice guys over the years. Only one creeper in 30 years.


The thread was derailled when it was suggested that sexual scandals were a custom of christians. I pointed out it wasn’t like that and that sexual scandals are common among other religions as well. Then it became an endless #notall / “we weren’t talking about that” - “sorry the topic only refers to sexual abuses commited by politicians in the US who happen to be Christians” etc etc.


Sexual allegations for things happened years or decades ago are a very dodgy thing to discuss, because in 99% of cases it’s X’s word vs Y’s word.

The interesting & entertaining bit for me is that many of the people who are being accused of sexual abuse for things happened in the past, used to be some of those guys who were all for supporting supposed victims of alleged sexual assault (even with no actual proof), which is backfiring quite spectacularly. And Takei’s Russian meltdown is a thing of beauty.
It’s a bit like all those journalist/pundits/youtuber men who declared themselves as true modern feminists in recent time and are now being arrested 1by1 for sexual abuse.


That’s utter nonsense. This must be the post you refer to:

Clearly, they do not at all suggest that sexual scandals are a custom of Christians, but that Christian voters currently are ignoring a number of sexual scandals.

Perhaps it’s your inability to understand this that has led you to interject about sexual scandals in other religions, but you’re clearly either totally wrong or being disingenuous.

You’re the only one derailing anything.


I agree this, but they are talking on American political issue, and the biggest religious voter group there is Christians. Other religions don’t have a bid direct impact on their life comparing to Christians, so they just talk about christians, as you didn’t bring up Hindu or Buddhism. It totally makes a sense for me.


That specific politicians yes, it’s an american only issue. But sexual abuse of children/young people in religions is widespread (especially among two), and in both cases the people who are sexual offenders often find support in their communities. Not always, of course.
So my point was that it’s interesting to compare the social behavior of people from completely different groups and countries of origins, and find so many similarities. As I wrote in another reply, it’s a mechanism of self defense that isn’t unique to christians/evangelicals/whatever, it’s innate in everyone. I was looking at the larger picture, but everyone got triggered it by it and preferred to focus on pedo-candidate whatever his name.


I lost family in Bosnia as a direct result of actions from both ARBiH and VRS. My family is made up of Muslim and Orthodox.

It was a “civil war” but do not think for one second that it wasn’t considered a crusade or jihad by the respective groups. Even the Hrvats do not walk away with clean hands from this.

Who am I supposed to hate?


I agree this, and it’s a serious problem. But, here, it seems not the topic they intended or want to talk here. You could start a new thread for this topic.


Bill Clinton.


That no one intends to go that route is something I noticed, and not just on this thread, but there’s always hope! Since this thread wasn’t about sexual abuse itself, but rather about the defense/apologies around it, I thought it would have been interesting to make a comparison between different groups, but better luck next time.

And no, not going to open a thread like:“How religion X threats sexual abuses perpetrated by its own preachers”, it would be locked and deleted before I finish typing the title.


That’s not up to me to decide.

Also, let me clarify: my definitely non-positive view of islam has nothing to do with the friends I lost, I’ve always been very skeptical about it as a religious+political system, and I’ve always seen problems trying to integrate it into the West since it has so many things in complete contrast with it. But that is definitely going off topic.


Clinton, Bush 41, Major, Blair, Ghali, Milosevic, Tudjman, Izetbegovic, Mladic, Karadzic. The list is rather long.


You love saying that, and it’s just more nonsense.

Just to pick one religion, how many critical threads do you see here? Do they look locked and deleted to you?