Shakira's "suerte" and Hsinchu Girls Senior High School

Just curious, but I noticed that Hsinchu Girls Senior High School has a bunch of youtube videos up where their students dance to Shakira’s “suerte” (the Spanish version of Whenever, Whereever) over the years. Does anyone know why that song was chosen?

And why were you watching senior high school dance videos?


I haven’t seen it, but I would hazard a guess it wouldn’t be allowed outside of East Asia.

I think this may help explain it

Can you summarize for those of us who dumped FaceBonk many, many years ago? :smirk:

Little knowledge of the HGSH girl Shakira ✨
1 Do you know? HGSH girl Shakira is 15 years old!
Shakira is a senior senior class dance teacher in the sports group, from 2004 to today, for 15 years. This means that my 33-year-old school girl can also dance Shakirae! Isn’t it amazing?
2 English or Spanish?
Shakira’s music is a song by singer Shakira. Did you know this song is available in English and Spanish? The English version is called “Whenever,Wherever” and the Spanish version is called “Suerte”, which means “lucky, good luck”! HGSH girl Shakira chose the Spanish version, which sounds more in line with the free-spirited HGSH woman!

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Need some links or something I’m not making sense of it like is there a news story or Facebook link or Instagram or Tick Tock or YouTube or something?

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