Shane schools training

Hey, I’m looking at coming to Taiwan to teach at a Shane English school. I’ve been researching them, and it seems like a good place to start because of the training they offer. I’ve never taught before and only have a Tefl certificate.

Do they have a teacher handbook? If anyone has a copy, could you share it with me? I’m also wondering about their training after the first week. Is there more training once you are at your school? How do they do promotions?

Thanks guys

Unless things have changed you’ll get observed twice after your week of training. You’ll be given three areas to improve on each time.

Ok, at least it’s something I guess

It’s a midrange buxiban. Unless you show up drunk or soil yourself in the middle of a lesson, you’re not going to be in any danger of losing the job. Just smile like you’re the Joker, call on the quick kids for answers and the slow kids to demonstrate your empathy, and perhaps bring some small gift like Family Mart coffees for your observers. You’ll be golden.


Yeah, I’m sure it’s not the best school to work for, but since I don’t have any experience and I’m not in Taiwan this seems like a good option

Sure, it’s fine, especially if it’s your first teaching job. My point wasn’t the quality of the school, but the fact you don’t have to worry so much. You’ll learn on the job. If you want to speed up your professional development, you’ll have to do that in your own time with certification courses and stuff like that.