Shar Pei / Audi Commercial

Hope this works. Has anyone seen this Audi Car Ad?

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  • Absence of annoying woman on airplane sliding headphones down her hair? Check.

  • Absence of of sicky pale, “just-released-from-a-windowless-hospital-room” make-up treatment? Check.

  • Absence of scary-ass circus-music playing, canal crossing, teddybear losing, freakshow version of the Happy Gilmore happy place? Check.

  • Absence of clowns of any kind, whether parachuting from an airplane and stalking their victim or wearing Blueman Group makeup with helicopters on their backs? Check.

  • Great dog? Check.

  • Beautiful day for a drive? Check

  • Twisty road? Check.

  • S4? Check.

[color=darkred] The judges tabulate their results[/color] :post:

…and, yes, it’s a winner.