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I stopped planning anything 18 months ago because I assumed I’d either die from Covid or vaccine.


Got my first vaccination a couple of days ago- Moderna. Booked it a week ago. Showed up at 8:15, finished by 9:20. Phenomenal job by volunteers, directed by bureaucrats from the Ministry of Health. It was a largely older crowd, many people who were confused about the whole thing, many elderly who spoke Taiwanese or Aboriginal dialects- the volunteers and professionals were incredibly patient, answering the same questions over and over.
Slight weakness the first day, soreness in the vaccinated spot for two days, then fine.


Fingers crossed the soreness won’t affect your ability to post

Ha! Take more than that to stop me from shooting my mouth off.


I got the AZ shot on Friday. Nothing spectacular except I’ve had a hard time falling asleep over the last few nights, I thought I felt my heart racing, but when I checked it, it wasn’t too fast. Periodically a slight headache which quickly disappears.


Will just link mine to avoid repetition. (I thought I’d also posted about the first shot but can’t find it now - maybe it’s been deleted for some reason?)

That’s for my second dose. Will post about my third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, …, fiftieth doses in due course, assuming that boredom or COVID don’t take me out in the meantime.


Let’ me copy your post. No one will mind the repetition.

@Andrew post:

I got my second AZ shot at NTUH today, exactly 10 weeks after the first one. It overall went quite well and they’ve definitely improved the process a lot since May, at least in terms of throughput and crowding.

It wasn’t much faster though, at least in my case - about 1.5 hours between entering the building and leaving it, with a lot of sitting around on chairs fairly close to others in between.

The vaccinations were being done in some big open gym or something (which I think was one of at least two buildings) off from the main NTUH buildings, with people divided into groups according to the SMS previously sent. The consent form was given out in the first queue, then had to go inside and queue briefly again to register, then queue again and get my temperature taken, then sit in the first waiting area for an irritatingly long time (maybe 30 min), before finally being called to the vaccination area, where a nurse moved around with a trolley injecting everyone (another wait of 30-40 min, as the nurse disappeared for ages just before me). Then hung around for 15 min or so before wondering off.

No real discussion with a doctor this time either - one just came down the line of people asking everyone if they had a fever etc. and whether they’d had a severe reaction to the first dose.

I also forgot my yellow vaccination card - oops, didn’t realise until I was on the MRT and no time to go back. It wasn’t an issue though - they just gave me a new one (although I had to specifically ask them to add the details of the first shot).


Sure, but if you get my :heart:’s for that, I want NT$2 royalty apiece. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: we’re at NT$2 so far.

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Got my shot last Thursday.

Was magnetic Friday.

Great 5G reception Saturday.


I prefer my proposal. :money_mouth_face:

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How did you get the Moderna so fast? :thinking:

Sad to say, I was not magnetized- no keys being attracted, padlocks flying open. Did notice all the smartphones around me acting up, broadcasting strange instructions, so Bill Gates might want to fine-tune that a bit.

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I think they were doing Moderna in at least one of the lines at NTUH the other day.

I’m old.

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Actually, I don’t know. All the vaccinations in Taitung were Moderna, I think.

OK, sir. I guess I’ll just have to be patient. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please state if you have a history of allergies, especially to food, bee stings or antibiotics (penicillin).
Wait for some to say… Piece of case.

If you have any other concerns, I’d like to know if the doctors thoughtfully listened or just pushed you through…

Waiting for the best, least side effects, choice. Heard more choices are coming in September

Got first AZ vac on Tuesday morning. About 2:00am started getting the chills and fever which lasted about 90 minutes. After that just a mild fever but not feeling too good for another day. Pretty much back to normal by Thursday afternoon. Well, I am old and weak anyway.

Very few people at my vaccination place in Hualien. Doctor did ask a few questions. In and out within about 35 minutes including post shot wait time. Even had a guy playing a piano to create the mood.


Love Hualien