Getting the 2nd shot in Taiwan for COVID-19 vaccines

I suspect that was a giant part of my “bad hangover” after my first dose of AZ. I had lots of trouble sleeping the night after the vaccine and, surprise surprise, the next day felt like crap - just as I normally do after a night of 2-3 hours of sleep. Go figure.

(2nd shot, zero side-effects, surprisingly so after the definite malaise and sore arm - for five days or so - following the 1st shot.)


Wife and I got our second shots in NTU today, happy to be fully charged!


Good for you! Now two weeks to go for maximal protection.



I got my first shot by registering intent, then making an appointment, all in the new system. For me, an information sheet I was given tells me to go back to where I got the first shot to make an appointment for the second. Anybody have additional details, like how early we can go and make such an appointment? I mean how much earlier than my 10 week start date?

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At present, AZ vaccines are being administered on a large scale. Zhuang Renxiang said that people over the age of 18 can register on the vaccination appointment platform. As long as they are eligible and have reached the second dose (at least 10 weeks), they will receive a vaccination appointment notice. ; Will be ranked higher, so that the public can hit as soon as possible.

As for the second dose of Modena, it is currently limited to the first category of subjects, airline crews and pregnant women. It can be vaccinated at the travel medicine clinic of each hospital 28 days after the first dose; other people can only be vaccinated until 10 weeks before the first dose. Two doses of vaccine. (News source: Zhongshi Real Time Wang Jiayu)

members of the public who received their first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine between May 11 and May 23 that a 10-week interval between the two doses of the vaccine will be reached for them starting the next week and that those individuals can register their willingness to receive their second shot on the COVID-19 vaccination registration and appointment reservation system or they can make an appointment at a healthcare facility contracted for COVID-19 vaccinations.


I got my second AZ shot at NTUH today, exactly 10 weeks after the first one. It overall went quite well and they’ve definitely improved the process a lot since May, at least in terms of throughput and crowding.

It wasn’t much faster though, at least in my case - about 1.5 hours between entering the building and leaving it, with a lot of sitting around on chairs fairly close to others in between.

The vaccinations were being done in some big open gym or something (which I think was one of at least two buildings) off from the main NTUH buildings, with people divided into groups according to the SMS previously sent. The consent form was given out in the first queue, then had to go inside and queue briefly again to register, then queue again and get my temperature taken, then sit in the first waiting area for an irritatingly long time (maybe 30 min), before finally being called to the vaccination area, where a nurse moved around with a trolley injecting everyone (another wait of 30-40 min, as the nurse disappeared for ages just before me). Then hung around for 15 min or so before wondering off.

No real discussion with a doctor this time either - one just came down the line of people asking everyone if they had a fever etc. and whether they’d had a severe reaction to the first dose.

I also forgot my yellow vaccination card - oops, didn’t realise until I was on the MRT and no time to go back. It wasn’t an issue though - they just gave me a new one (although I had to specifically ask them to add the details of the first shot).


Congratulations to you!


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Did you get a sticker?


Same for me - except I got my second shot at the Taipei Medical University Hospital.

They had sent me a text message last week asking me to fill out a Google Form if I wanted to get an appointment for the second shot. I did, but didn’t get a response. So a friend called them yesterday and found out they had already booked me for today - they weren’t sure why I hadn’t received a text message.

Process was really quick - only about 30min inside the hospital including registration, vaccination and 15min wait time after the shot.

Now feeling a bit dull and sleepy - will see soon if I‘ll also experience fever this time or not.

I didn’t. But they crossed out the „AZ“ they had written into my vaccine card last time and instead put an „Astra-Zeneca“ stamp on it.


Taipei Medical University, right?


Yeah, fixed - that one:

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I mean the cute sticker with the mascots and the flags from countries that donated vaccines…

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Ah, I thought you meant the sticker on the NHI card.

No, no cute stickers either :pleading_face:

Still waiting for Slovakia!



I didn’t… (unless you count a little gold circular one they put on everyone’s arm at some point, maybe after the doctor had asked their questions)

Should I go back and complain?


I wonder if they ran out already.

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This sticker is such a great idea with super cute drawing style, I hope many animals will join.

Wondering which animal they would use, though. Slovakia seems to have no official state animal. The brown bear and the Carpathian eagle seem to be sometimes suggested, but there are similar animals present already. I would vote for the Carpathian Lynx:

To get back on-topic: the evening appointments at Neihu Tri-services seem gone microseconds after the opening of registration at 9 in the morning. Same for next week’s general appointments.

Edit: some general appointment openings next week keep popping up once in a while, makes sense to kerp checking.


Trying to help an elderly friend book her 2nd shot…every hospital website takes like 15 minutes to even load up…As far as we are aware she was not given a 2nd appointment from the hospital she got her first shot at (China Medical).

It’s frustrating that it feels like we have to compete for a limited number of slots on websites that can barely operate under the traffic and even getting hit with “server request timed out”


If it is AZ, she is older than 50, and in Taipei, through mass vaccination program might be easier. She can register by phone now.


In Taichung, hour and a half after new slots opened for Taichung Hospital and still can’t get anything for my elderly friend…every time I do something the page will update or clear some of the fields.