Getting the 2nd shot in Taiwan for COVID-19 vaccines

I don’t know if this thread will be useful, or if new information will just get buried in the different “Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan” threads (there’s tons of info in there - it’s just hard to find!). Anyway, the main intended point is information for those who have already had the first shot, back during the self-pay period from mid-April to mid-May, and who are eager for the second shot.

And … basically there’s not much information yet. As far as I can tell, the government knows we’re out there, and is thinking of us, and that’s about all we have to work with. Today’s (Sun. June 13) press conference seems to have said “Eh, we’re working on it”:

And a few tweets from yesterday’s (June 12) presser, about a 10-12 week interval before the second dose (so that’s roughly in July), and then about the possibility of mixing vaccines:

When and if anyone knows more, please post!


I thought TW got a batch of AZ from Japan–surely it makes sense to pop those aside for 2nd doses and use moderna, pfizer etc for the first doses for now.

Of course, this is the same government that has closed the hiking trails where you can be miles away any other mush yet kept hairdressers open …


Usually every good run ends with dismal failures. We were naive to think his would be any different.

I got my self-paid 1st dose at NTUH on 4/22 with 2nd dose scheduled on 6/17 (the first day of the 8-12 week 2nd dose window). They were so certain of the 2nd dose date, that they printed it onto my yellow vaccination record card.

On 6/14 evening, I got a text message from NTUH canceling my 6/17 appointment for self-paid 2nd dose … and saying the self-paid 2nd dose 8-12 week window was changed by government to a 10-12 week window.

Called CDC today and was told self-paid vaccination program was totally canceled since May15 (including 2nd dose appointments for those who already got 1st dose). That currently there is not enough vaccine in Taiwan for higher priority people. Registration for self-paid 2nd dose appointments will only be re-opened after more vaccine arrives in Taiwan AND there is enough for ALL higher priority people. Don’t worry … wait and see … more vaccine is coming …

Then I called NTUH and got about the same information. When I asked about the change to 10-12 weeks for 2nd dose, they said that was a government regulation change that now applies to everyone who got self-paid 1st dose.

When I asked how to schedule an appointment during the 10-12 week period (May 1-14 for me), they said that they won’t open registration until the government allots vaccines to NTUH for self-paid 2nd dose appointments. Then NTUH will make an announcement on the NTUH website and it will be first-come first-served for registration to schedule self-paid 2nd dose appointments. They told me registration will be open to the public, NO priority will be given to NTUH self-paid 1st dose patients, and that I could also try to register at other hospitals. Don’t worry … wait and see … more vaccine is coming …


CDC said 2nd shot can be effective somehow till 16 weeks, and maybe they can be done by the deadline of July 13, at the earliest at the end of June, iiuc.

This bit sounds like absolute nonsense , I doubt they were told any such thing.

Thanks @nadandeo for posting about your experience. I suspect the information you were told about what will happen doesn’t mean much - no one really knows what’s going on yet. Are there 2nd shots available now, definitely not. Next week, almost definitely not. Mid-July, who knows.

Let’s hope there’s more clarity (and more vaccines!) soon.

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sorry, maybe my language was not clear … NTUH said they would only make a public announcement about re-opening registration for self-paid 2nd dose appointments on their website (they have no plan to make any advanced notice, private messages to NTUH patients, like they sent regarding the 2nd dose appointment cancelations) … and that self-paid 2nd dose appointment registration at NTUH is currently planned to be open publicly to ALL people that previously had the self-paid 1st dose at any hospital or clinic, NOT limited only to the people who had previously gotten the self-paid first dose at NTUH (so if you previously had a scheduled self-paid 2nd dose appointment at NTUH, you will be competing for self-paid 2nd dose appointment times with people who had self-paid 2nd dose appointments at other hospitals or clinics) … there is no plan give registration priority to those NTUH patients who previously had self-paid 2nd dose appointments at NTUH … and they did say, don’t worry … wait and see … more vaccine is coming

sorry … one typo above … 10-12 week period for me is July 1-14 (not May)

That’s really bizarre…Although I do know they prefer to use their websites for communicating and making appointments.
I don’t think any of the hospitals know anything further at this stage but they should have an ethical duty to ensure the second dose is available to those they gave the first dose to.

Yes, I talked to them the first working day after they canceled the self-paid 2nd dose appointments, so I imagine they are still thinking about all this and will make some adjustments in the coming weeks … nothing ever turns out the way they originally plan it … the arrival of new batches of vaccine also seems very unpredictable … so its difficult to have any realistic expectations

Second doses are being given out according to the chart at the bottom of this article

Ok but I don’t think those are the second shots in the self-pay program that some of us were in.

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So what happened to the plan to set aside enough vaccines from the Japan donation for second shots?

it was cancelled.

It was changed the very next day after he announced it. No joke…They completely changed the priority listng to put over 75s near the top (crazily they had been WAT down the priority list before as the government officials hoovered up the vaccines ). I don’t rhave a problem with over 75s getting high priority. I do have a problem being jerked around by the government.

Our latest hail Mary is seeing if we will get any from the next batch , probably from Japan.


Had my second shot of AZ today in Cyprus - 8 weeks after first shot in Taiwan.
First time I regretted not having taken painkillers before the vaccination - this time I did - and plenty = 800mg (still less than the 1g during the AZ study).

Felt a tiny tingling and that was it. Went back home to work and eat with friends lunch at midday. Had planned to take another painkiller should I feel anything - but did not.

Then went kitesurfing - still feeling perfect. About 9 hours after the shot badly wiped out during a big big jump on my second session for today. Smashed on my back and my head heavily (always wear crash vest and helmet - but helmet does not help much with water - if not the opposite). Did not pass out but it was a heavy hit. Felt dizzy for 5 minutes - kept on riding - just not going for big air jumps anymore. 20 minutes after the wipe decided to quit.

Now 12:30 hours past the vaccination feel a bit shitty. Just do not know if it was the wipe out, or the vaccination. Feeling like I will get a fever soon. So took another 400mg Ibuprofen. Now maybe I wiped out because of the vaccination. That was like my worst wipe out ever - and while the cause for it was a bad bad wind gust - my reaction when I knew I am going to smash was all wrong. So I think I was riding a bit impaired from the shot. I tend to know exactly what to do before smashing the water - and yet somehow I really blew it.

Kinda feel like I feel shitty now 50/50 because of 2nd dose and because of the bad smash. But then I do not like to do sports under influence of painkillers. I started my first session 8 hours after - so the Ibuprofen was out of my system.

Should have taken it easier and stayed at home. Watch out and do not go crazy just as everyone says the second shot will not be noticed. I cannot explain my mistake otherwise but being slightly impaired by the vaccine. So watch out and do not do anything dangerous after that 2nd shot (after the first everyone I know feels so bad that you not feel like doing any extreme sports anyhow).

As for being impaired by the painkiller. Well it happened 9hours after - think it must have been out of my system.

had high fever for 2 hours last night. Then could not sleep for 3-4 hours. So continued sleeping till 10 to get around 7 hours sleep in total.
Monitored my heartbeat actually all the time via smartwatch. Noticed that from 7 hours post vaccination it was up 20 beats or so. At night with fever around 100 instead of my normal resting rate of around 45… - then back to 65 after fever was over. This morning then around 50-55 - so still 5-10 beats too fast. Should not have skipped the ibuprofen 5 hours post shot.

As inevitably I feel we need booster shots every 6 months or so (big pharma will make sure it cashes in) next time I will be even stricter on the NSAID regime. Its gonna be the full 4g paracetamol they did in the study. I could have also chosen Pfizer or JJ here in Cyprus. But I went for AZ as it is easier on your papers to have two of the same right now. And I am sure - while two different shots work better - side effects would have been greater too. Just out of the slight chance of long lasting vaccination side effects/damage stick to the same vaccine if possible. As often said, I’m only doing this for the crappy papers without which your social life and traveling gets smashed worldwide. I am not personally afraid of ever catching covid19.

I do believe vaccination works, but I also believe 4000IU vitamin D daily, or Ivermectin actually work better!

Why does every thread about vaccines in TAIWAN end up with people writing long stories about getting their vaccine in another country and then rambling about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines? :thinking: :roll_eyes:


Latest mention about 2nd shot.

With more Moderna coming in people higher up on the priority list will be getting that (also good since it’s 1 month in between shots so quicker to fully vaccinate frontline, higher-risk folks) instead of AZ which means more AZ doses should be available for people to get a 2nd shot, but still depends on vaccine supply/availability.