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Where should Q&A lists on vaccine reservation be posted?
What I found are all in Chinese so far, so I don’t need the answer right now, but there might be English one.

Let’s import some posts from the general Taiwan vaccine thread:

In my reservation confirmation page, I am seeing this:

“請於指定日期時間到 (xyz location),攜帶身份證及健保卡,並出示手機預約成功簡訊”

“Go to the xyz location on the set date and time, and bring your ID and NHI card, and be ready to show the successful reservation text on your cell phone.”

Has anyone received that text of successful reservation? I haven’t. I’m wondering if I’ll be denied the vaccination if I haven’t. I can log into the system and see my reservation. Am I worried about nothing?

I tried to call 1922 and am put on hold forever. I tried to call 02-7735-2992 (problems making reservations number) and it is constantly busy.

What you’re talking about doesn’t exist. All I got is an Ibon receipt.

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What should I do if I forgot to print the appointment record after successful registration of the vaccination appointment?

You can use the simple query function, enter the ID number, the three-digit year after the mobile phone number, and the graphic verification code to query the vaccination appointment records. After the query, you can use the print function to print the appointment records, or use your mobile phone to take pictures.

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When I was making my appointment at FamilyMart, everything went to shit (there was a system failure that was reported on the news). But this was after I hit the last “okay” button. So I went back into the system on my computer to see if I have an appointment:

Click “make reservation” then “check reservation.” Everything looks good to go, but then I get that message at the very bottom related to the “successful reservation text message.”

But I guess if nobody else is getting the text message then I’m all set to go.

Thank you, tando. Then it looks like I’m all okay. This is what I get:


預約完成時間:2021/07/13 11:55:17

預約序號: 0200000012

身分證號: (aprc number here)

姓名: (my name here)

手機號碼: (my cell phone number here)

日期/時段: (vaccination date and time here)

施打地點: (vaccination location name here)

施打地址: (address of vaccination site)

施打站叮嚀: 請於指定日期時間到汐止區衛生所,攜帶身份證及健保卡,並出示手機預約成功簡訊

Q&A related to getting the vaccine can go here now, and selected informative posts I will then copy into the “info-only” thread.

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you can lock your thread so others wouldn’t pollute there.

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you mean “lock” :thinking:


I’ll keep it open so others can post informative stuff too, like you have done before.

@tando gets my vote for mod. Ha ha

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As far as I have understood, if you do not have a NHI card (like me because for example you have been living in Taiwan with an ARC for less than 6 months) you cannot “register” on this website.

At the same time, I hope this website’s registration does not become a mandatory requirement for vaccination appointment in the future when that happens.

For people like me, who don’t have their NHI card yet, what are my current options for vaccinating in Taiwan?

I guess I will just have to wait.

Zhuang Renxiang, a spokesperson for the Central Epidemic Command Center, told the Central News Agency this morning that relevant ministries will be asked to investigate the number of people in Taiwan who do not have relevant certificates to discuss how to assist in follow-up vaccination.


Can confirm the “sign up as willing to take leftover shots at a bunch of local clinics”-strategy works. Got a call to show up in 15 mins or less to get vaxxed (AZ).

So get out there and sign up.


where? how did you signup?

Go to the closest small neighbourhood clinics and put your name up as willing to show up on short notice for any excess shots at the end of the day.


sure. but just curious as to where yours, was. and did they give you a choice of vax with leftovers?

This was Neihu, I think you just have to take what they have, beggars cant be choosers.

Usually small clinics put big ads outside stating what they have, either AZ or Moderna.