Vaccines for Teachers (Category 7)

I’ve decided to open a new “specfic” thread addressing only vaccines for teachers.

Post questions and answers here.
Useful on topic discussion is welcome.

  1. Teachers are in Category 7. I see in other threads that other categories, 8 and 9, are already being served. Does this mean teachers can get vaccinated now? Specific dates?

or am I getting categories wrong?
which is it?

A) bigger numbers = higher priority
B) lower number = higher priority


It seems that schools are arranging for their teachers to be vaccinated. I know two teachers( One elementary, one high school) and they were asked if they want to be included on the list. I don’t know dates, but I think it has to be arranged through your school and schools are doing that now.

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Same thing at my university, but since I was already on the self-pay program, I didn’t sign up for it.

So @SuiGeneris, I’d recommend asking your school about it.


Kindergartens and children’s after-school care centers (another classes) are listed as the 7th type of publicly funded vaccine targets. The Ministry of Education has registered about 77,000 people. Today, the vaccine is distributed to designated medical institutions and health bureaus in various counties and cities.

In order to prevent the Wuhan pneumonia (coronavirus disease 2019, COVID-19) epidemic, the Ministry of Education has sought from the Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center to have the “faculty and staff in schools below the high school vocational school” and “kindergarten nursery staff and nursery school professional” “Persons” are included in the 7th category of publicly funded vaccine targets. The first wave of vaccine quotas for kindergartens and security guards will be sent to counties and cities today.

The Ministry of Education stated that the priority is given to kindergartens and family members to perform beatings because the kindergartens still provide consignment and care services during the summer vacation. According to statistics, there are 73,595 faculty and staff in public and private kindergartens across the country, and about 3,425 in children’s after-school care centers. The list has been completed and has been included in the vaccination targets.

Some counties and cities have recently allocated vaccine quotas to open up educators to administer vaccines. The Ministry of Education will officially distribute Moderna vaccines to designated locations in counties and cities. The county and city governments can also distribute them to other medical care in their jurisdictions. Institutions or quick fight stations should adopt more policies to improve the efficiency of fights.


Yes my school (private elementary) has already asked teachers to provide info so the can begin the process.

Just wondering how soon that will be for vaccines to be administered and if it will be in time for 2 shots before school starts.

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Ehhhh? I am guessing the translation caused that - well I hope it did.


I haven’t read it. just pasted what google translate provided.

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How about those enough who have autoimmune problems. I was on hydrochloroquine for almost a year because I became allergic to almost all animal protein.
It took almost a year to be able to eat most animal protein except for items I was originally allergic to. That still is a no-go.
I also react badly to medications in general.
Will we be forced to take this vaccines in order to teach?

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Moderna requires only 4 weeks between shots, so that would be enough time to get fully vaccinated (Mid July + Mid August + 2 weeks for it to fully kick in). But Taiwan has already announced to stretch those 4 weeks further so more people can get their first shot. The goal probably to give as many teachers their first shot as possible before school starts.

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might be off topic, but buxiban teachers are planned to be included.


For those of you who have been told that your schools/cram schools are arranging the vaccine for their staff, are teachers expected to do anything (register online for anything for example?) or do we just wait for the school to sort everything out?

And does anyone know any teachers that have had a shot yet? I think I read today that they were planning to expand to categories 8 and 9 soon, which made me wonder if I wasn’t included in category 7 after all.

For the record, I have already asked my school, but they tend to do everything at the last minute and often mess things up because they haven’t prepared properly so I thought I’d ask here to for any input.

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Was told by my school to wait.
…been waiting.

Yes. But they are Taiwanese teachers.
Not sure if that makes a difference and not sure if they got it through a different avenue.

Welcome to the club.

My advice…
Keep asking your school. Try and get some solid answers. My guess is they don’t know either. Everyone is waiting to be told what to do, including them.


Thanks. Yeah I’ve just been told they don’t have any more info at the moment. One thing that might be useful for you though, my school told me I needed to give them a police check as part of the vaccine registration process. Fortunately a Taiwanese police check rather than one from back home, which would have been a massive pain in the ass.

I’m not sure if it’s actually needed or if my school just misunderstood something (again) but you might want to look into that and get it done. Could save you some time further down the line!

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A police check for a vaccine? That sounds unlikely.


Are uni instructors included? A couple posters here have said their uni has said they are, but I asked my department and they flat out said no (“only up to high school teachers” was the terse reply I got). Then there’s also the question of whether buxiban teachers are included. Or part-timers. Have they put out any solid guidelines or is everything hodgepodge vagueness as usual?


I thought the same thing but that’s what I was told so I just got it done asap. Anyway, just thought I’d mention it so others can ask their schools if they also need it.

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not yet, except for people who will work at entrance exam, iiuc.

MOE asked to unis to make employers lists so that they can provide the list to CECC promptly when they are included.

July 9

Commander Chen Shizhong responded today and said that students are now in the summer vacation, and the supplementary education is due to school closures or changes to avoid clusters. The school is infected with more than 600 people and less than 700 people. Since the school has suspended operations, supplementary education is required. Don’t take risks. In the future, arrangements will include vaccinations for teachers and supplementary teachers before the beginning of school. Be safe by then.


Sounds like you have been in Taiwan awhile . . . when things go wrong, never apologize . . . assign blame to another party.

what should I apologize to whom? :thinking:

I just did a favor to some people to save their time to translate a Chinese article by Google translate.


Tando, you are an asset to this community.

You manage to find things I can never find!