Share your Taiwan Salary Anonymously

Thanks for the official stats :heart: - I’ll add it to the spreadsheet for people to be able to compare

Edit it’s here :

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Me before Moving to Taiwan: “Wow whats New Taipei? I wanna live there… sounds much better than old Taipei”.

Me after dropping Google Pin around New Taipei. “WTF”


I think everyone considers both

My in laws are considering buying a house in New Taipei City… 30million NTD and it currently rents out for 39k lol. On top of this the entire area has mutiple vacant buildings that were brand new 6 yrs ago and sat vacant

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That’d be amazing to get the distribution of salary per job and experience - a way better way to visualise outliers and “what’s normal”

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You may find some stat here.

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I’ll definitely dig that one - thank you for saving me time :beers:

Still quite confusing and not very illuminating.