Share your top 5

How about a top five thread? Pretty simple to participate just post your top five list on a topic of your choosing. So for example on the topic of sports, you’d tell them the list title - ‘sports’ - and then list your top five starting at 5 and working up to the number 1 spot.

(Once an item is listed it is recommended that it not be listed again. Therefore in order to not get stuck with dressage, curling, synchronised swimming, underwater hockey and wwf wrestling as your top 5 sports you’d need to get your list in early.)

I’ll go first by listing my:

‘Top five potential top five list topics’

5 - top five albums

4 - movies

3 - realisations

2 - day trips

1 - winter break ideas for 2024


How about I save time and just give you my passwords?


Ooh, ooh, I know this game!

Top five pet names.
Top five of your favorite teachers.
Top five places you’ve lived.
Top five cars you’ve owned.

(Yeah, that’s only four lists, I ain’t gonna reveal the sooper sekret one 'cause then you’d have all my info!)


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I’ll do this one later.


But, but, but, how did you… you just… now I can’t… goddamnit! :disappointed_relieved:



You say thats only four, however I am counting five entries in your list. (Just cause you put one in brackets doesn’t mean its not an entry). So congratulations and welcome to the honourary status of being a ‘top fiver’!