Shark VS Octopus

This is an interesting little clip! … rk_hi.html

wow…i have a new-found respect for octopus now…that was amazing

Thanks NaTas, that was a great clip. Whoda thunk it, eh?

Cool stuff, but don’t for a second assume that all sharks could potentially be Octopus bait. The shark in the video is a six gill…One of the most primative of all the sharks. They are slow moving and not the brightest fish in the ocean.

Let the six gill grow to size however (they get big), and this video would have a very different ending.

I can tell you that even a small octopus is amazingly strong,…Sometimes up on the Northeast coast you’ll see Octopus in the 10kg range, and they are more than strong enough to bend a metal spear…

Don’t ask me how I know that… :frowning: