She climbed Everest nine times

Then why does someone that does it once get so much attention. People that climb Everest expect too much recognition.

Kind of like newbies in Taiwan. Hey look I found Taipei 101 it’s amazing I don’t think anybody ever saw it and obviously they don’t have video capability in Taiwan. So I’m the first person to do a video of this ever ever ever.

We live in a bizarro world.


Those newbies in Taiwan at it again :sweat_smile:

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It’s because she didn’t do it in a bikini.

Since Kavalan already posted, this is not one less tango42 0-reply topic by Marco. Tango42, I have failed you.


I don’t think this is comparable. Taipei 101 is like 24 hours travel time from anywhere in the world, the summit of Everest takes months of planning, training, weight gain and all that crap before you even start. It’s absolutely a personal achievement (a very boring one if you ask me), but not if you pay-to-win with the Sherpas.

But I agree, personal achievements should stay just that. People like to brag about shit though. Like spending 2 days in Taipei just so they can scratch Taiwan out on their scratch-card world map on their way to visit the kawaii hedgehog cafe in the middle of Repression City.

There’s a hedgehog café? :hushed: