She was 11th prisoner executed since Trump resumed executions

So many deaths attributed to this man.

No single person should have this power.

She was the 11th prisoner executed at the facility since July when President Donald Trump, an ardent supporter of capital punishment, resumed federal executions following 17 years without one.

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Do you know what her crime was? In 2004, she strangled 23 year old Bobbie Jo Stinnett and cut her baby from her womb with a kitchen knife.


What yes I know and it’s described in the article. It’s an Infamous case.

I can repeat my comments differently.

  1. Trump is responsible for death.

  2. No one person should have that much power.


And do you know who executes more than every other country combined? a leader who is still in action, without any chance of being stopped. But …trump.




So…Killing a killer makes killing correct?

I figure gruesome crimes would get a death sentence. I don’t celebrate anyone’s death. Just saying that I don’t see how it’s relevant to who is president as this crime would be difficult to excuse.
I can understand how someone with pro life views would be against the death penalty in general.
Should she get a lessor sentence because she’s female? I wonder how the victim’s family feels.

Nobody’s excusing the crime. I just see it as very hypocritical to kill a killer.

‘It’s OK if I do it. I’m the president.’ And then they turn to us to talk up their Christian credentials.

No argument from me.

No. But I don’t view life in prison to be a lesser punishment. I don’t think prisoners should be killed. We also don’t have a clean record and have executed innocent people in the past. Does executing the prisoner somehow return the victim? Does the eye-for-an-eye revenge bring happiness to the victim’s family?

Capital punishment is barbaric…if you ask me.


Presidents are regularly responsible for deciding life and death, either by omission or commission. Drone warfare, or CIA covert ops, for example.

This has very little to do with Trump. Decry the death penalty if you wish - no need to make it political.

Low quality post.


Won’t be losing any sleep over this one.


Agree. I’m against all killing. I can’t imagine being the victim’s family and having this drag on for so many years. Bobbie Jo’s mother found her. I hope her family can get some closure.


I’m against the death penalty. But I’m not upset over this one.


How can it not be about Trump? Prior to this year, the US went 17 years without a Federal execution. Now it’s 11 executions in 6-7 months.

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The death penalty may provide a measure of relief to the family of the victim. It is reserved for the most heinous murders, and should be done sparingly.


Came here to say the same thing.

I have no issues with the death penalty against the most heinous of killers. Specifically ones where there is a mountain of undeniable proof such as multiple witnesses and/or video and DNA evidence.
For general use no in case someone innocent is executed.

So there should be two grades of “Beyond reasonable doubt”?
maybe “Beyond reasonable doubt” and “Way beyond reasonable doubt”

This can be an interesting discussion on the death penalty… or it can be another useless politics thread.

That goes in general for Forumosa. Every US politics post makes Forumosa a worse place to visit.


He’s an evil sociopath, that’s why.

I feel it should definitely have a much higher standard of evidence for sure. Like the mrt stabber of a few years back. No one doubts he did it. Nobody will miss trash like that either in society.

So what would you say the difference, in legal terms, between “Beyond reasonable doubt let’s jail them” and “Way beyond reasonable doubt let’s kill them”?