Shi Ti Ping- Hualien

Does anybody have accommodation tips for visiting Shitiping/Ruisui?

Is late November a bad time to visit because of the strong Easterly winds?

I am interested in snorkelling and fishing.

There’s a B&B at Shi Ti Ping (I like to separate the syllables!). All the way in and behind the camping area. And yes, they have a camping area right there. Really nice area and with showers. 500 NT a night or something. Open wooden structures where you can set up your tent (open in front and back but covered overhead).

Lots of tourists from China now but I don’t think they typically go all the way in where the camping area is.

Is this the place you are talking about?

Here are the campgrounds. Will look for the bnb.

Here. Nice aboriginal couple. Go here. The farthest in and away from the Chinese tourists.


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