Shiba Inu

We just adopted a shiba inu puppie. Anyone have experience with this kind of dog in Taiwan? Any advice would be wonderful.

Incredibly smart, easy too learn many commands, not to be trusted to follow them. High prey drive, NEVER off the leash…will chase anything that moves and will easily run in front of of a car or run off a cliff (while chasing a bird).
Likes to have a good run once a day (I usually take mine for a quick sprint while riding the scooter at about 20 to 25km), and only THEN will I take her for a relaxed walk around the area.

Very easily cage trained (all the good things happen in the cage: food and water). My one went on long trips from kaohsiung to Taipei on the bus, and caused no trouble at all. She still sleeps in the cage (door open), and will happily walk into her transport cage by herself when she sees it.

Doesn’t like to follow on the leash (the shiba neck shake). Likes to be around people, but not too clingy (more cat than dog). Sleeps happily in the garage at home, without a sound, but on trips she will squeak and whine if in her cage outside, but is quiet and sleeps happily inside the cage, when the cage is in the motel room.

Easily spooked by noises and movements (plastic bags flapping, cars driving by). Not a barker, but will go off when the post man arrives or when someone is near the front door.

Very friendly (too friendly), anyone’s friend.

Eats like a cat! She only eats when she is hungry, and I can easily leave a full bowl of food and some bowls of water out for her, and at the end of the day most of it will still be there.

Loses a LOT of hair, incredible amounts of hair! Get her shaved at the beginning of the summer season when you see the first signs of shedding. Make sure they leave about 2Cm of hair (not too close to the skin) as she will easily get skin infections otherwise.

NEVER off the leash!!! Unless you are FAR away from roads and cliffs

Cool thanks for the reply. Sounds like a lot of other posts I’ve seen around. I like your “never off the leash” emphasis. Our 6-week-old female puppy shiba inu is an apartment dog though. Sounds like you live in a proper house. So far she seems to be adapting quickly.