Shimano's getting old!

Ready for singing happy 100 birthday to Shimano?


Yes I’m ready! We can sing for Chanel No5 at the same time, it was created 100 years ago.

As long as it means an announcement of new group sets.

I was hoping for some discounts.

Praise XTR!!

I remember this story that a friend told that his brother told him that… who knows where it originated and how true it is. Basically it came to say that Deore disappeared as a group because it was just too good, it worked perfectly fine and never broke. Then it disappeared and later on XT and XTR and dunno if LX and other had “Deore” prepended to them. Several years later I think Deore became a groupset on its own again, but this time oriented to downhill or who knows what.

Damn… I need to contact Shimano because I have some technical questions that need answers!