Shipping from Taiwan to the States

My mother in law is moving back to the States and she needs to ship some of her personal stuff.

Whenever I want to send a lot of stuff to the Philippines, I would go to EEC Sea Cargo or LBC, there’s a lot of different companies that ship through sea and they charge base on the size of their box not the weight.

And I’m looking for something similar than these company but can ship to the States. Coz most of the company that I saw like fedex or ups are based on the weight.

post office will ship to the states by sea. 2 month transit time, expect package to be REALLY beat up by the time it arrives. Rate is cheap though, about 3000nt for a 30kg package.

Even tho its just clothes and personla stuff I’ll think it’ll be a little heavy, thats why I’m trying to look for the comoanies that ships to the Philippines, it doean’t matter how heavy coz the rate depends on the size of their box. Which is a pretty good deal.

You’ll need to ask those companies if they ship to the states. But I don’t see many that do. This is one reason why I try to avoid ordering stuff from the states, because shipping is really high from there, and there aren’t any low cost options.