Shipping furniture/household items to US

I’m trying to get some up to date information and recommendations. I plan to move to East Coast US and wanted to ship some furniture; bed, 3-seat sofa, two desks, electrical equipment, and various smaller items.
I would like a service that can pick up at my home in Taipei and deliver to the east coast US. Can anyone share their experiences of doing this and how much it cost them / how much time did it take?
Thanks in advance.

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My recommendation is to just buy new furniture. Bed sizes are different in the US. The cost of shipping that stuff will probably cost as much as just buying new stuff.
I shipped from US to Taipei. I paid 5000 USD and it was based on size. It took 1.5 months to get.

Thanks Joebie. That’s a good starting point. If it costs that much and takes that long then it might not be worth it. When you say ‘size’, do you mean the size of container that it fit into? Finally did that include customs tax?
I would appreciate anyone else’s experience shipping Taiwan —> USA. Especially any companies that people can recommend.

You can contact this company for a quote (Shipping from Taiwan to US , door to door service)

Montreal Movers International
No.75, Ln.242,Sec.8,Yanping N.Rd.,
Shilin Dist.,Taipei City 111,Taiwan
Tel: (02) 2833 3723
Fax: (02) 2811 1518

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yes, size is the size of the container. I was able to find one that charge just by how much space my stuff would take vs most want you to buy a whole container regardless if you use it all or not. Custom tax was included in my quote. However if you are moving, you can declare some of it and get it tax exempt.

Thank you for the quick responses @Joebie and @chydals
I will contact Montreal Movers.
I invite anyone else to share their experience as well.

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I can recommend one company. After sending around 40 emails to companies and receiving about 4 replies back, one seemed the most professional.
Helped me ship 315 KG to the UK (on that stranded ship on the Suez funnily enough) last year. Cost around 22,000NT, but that did not include costs in the UK. They also got me in touch with a shipping agent in the UK who gave me a quote, to get it to my address from the port.
I took up that offer instead of doing it all myself. The savings would have been about 3000NT, doing it myself but I would not have had to travel 5 hours there and back to the port plus waiting, returning hired vans, etc…
I only sent things that could not be replaced or would cost more to buy again. No point sending a bed for example.
And look up anything like transfer of residence. You may get stung for duty otherwise.
Rainbow International Logistics Co., Ltd.

采 鴻 國 際 物 流 有 限 公 司
a: 5F-1, No.176, Sec.1, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzheng

Dist., Taipei City 10050 Taiwan

p: +886-2-23910655 f: +886-2-23910650


This guy sorted it for me. Speaks English:
Cell & Whatsapp: +886-925333452
Skype: posd_tpe_andy
QQ: 3142153181
WeChat: andyhih

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So why the high cost? Seems cost per kg is higher than UPS. I mean I seen furniture rates from taobao, about 3 rmb per kg and min charge of 400rmb. I heard shipping to the states aren’t much higher either.

Shipping by airfreight to an airport nearby is sometimes cheaper then sea freight. It all depends on the size vs weight.

Try the UPS page and type in the dimensions and weight and see how much they ask.

Well most furniture won’t weight more than 200kg so if you are paying 5000 to ship 200kg it’s more than 10 dollars per kg. I realize there are probably cost based on size too but still…

I mean those van lines seem more like moving companies than shipping though.

I’ve used Lucky Moving for moves both to/from US west coast and Taipei. Good experiences with them. Contact the branch closest to the origin of your move.

Shipping rates are qubic volume.

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We used Lucky Moving from Taoyuan to Ohio and it was a very good experience.

Thanks everyone for the latest information. I just filled out a quote through Lucky’s website. It’s nice that you are able to itemise on their form. I sent Rainbow an email so we’ll see what they say. Will update when I receive responses.

Door-to-door residential moves include more services than what’s included in shipping an item from a factory to a home.

In addition, shipping from China is subsidized by the Chinese government.