Shipping things home

I’m leaving Taiwan in a couple of weeks. I intend to go to Thailand and then back to the US directly from Thailand. The problem is I have a lot of stuff that I would rather not truck all the way to Thailand. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can ship luggage home safely and cheaply? Or is it possible to store stuff at a hotel or airport in Thailand safely while I travel around?


Send it by surface mail. I think you can send up to 20kg per package, and it is cheapo.

  1. You can use a professional shipping company, door-to-door, price is calculated based on volume and mode of transportation (sea or air)
  2. You can use the airline to ship your stuff, which requires you to bring it to the airport and pick it up at the destination (relatives?), price is calculated per kg and distance
  3. In both cases you can ask them to store your stuff but they will charge you for it
  4. Take the stuff along and store it at the airport in Thailand (chargable), pick it up when you leave. As with 2. you will be charged if you exceed the free 20kg in economy class

If you choose to send it by air, it is better to use TNT courier that is even cheaper than EMS air mail from Taiwan to US. In general, the transportation cost of TNT is more expensive to other countries than US. You can not send up to 20kg per package using EMS air mail, but it is ok to use EMS surface mail up to 20 kg.