Shipping to Korea

My girlfriend has a few things that need to be shipped (cheap=better) to Seoul. I’d estimate it would all fit in about one refrigerator sized box. Any ideas?

According to the post office the maximum weight for a box to Korea is 20 kilos. Two rates apply; what they call “air” 7-10 days, and “surface” 35-40 days. I know that sending 10kg at the air rate costs NT$980. I don’t have any figures for the surface rate. Best to go to the post office and find out. Write your question out in simple English and hand it to them, at least that is what I’ve found works best. I’ll get back to you if I find the figures for surface.

My “yongyou shouce” lists 20 kg surface mail to Korea with a price of 640 NT$. Almas John seems to be right about the weight limit: 20 kg.