Shipping via Post Office especially EMS

Has anyone ever shipped something fragile like a television or computer by EMS at the Post Office? I want to know how they look after the stuff. They are much much cheaper than other freighting companies.

Does the post office really ship those items? I’m not sure if they’d “handle with care” but in the Sates once I tried to send overseas something like that through USPS and they refused. UPS was so expensive!

Sorry that I couldn’t help but wish you luck!

The maximum weight is 20kg afaik. A fridge… forget it lol

I shipped my computer home via DHL. They gave me a special padded box that fit my computer perfectly. It went to the US and back to TW.

When I shipped fragile things using EMS I actually built a wooden frame for the inside of box I used so they couldn’t accidently crush it. The object still got home a little dented. Sorry. I would not reccomend EMS for anything fragile.

Wow - that’s scary! It’s put me off.