Shisanhang museum

Has anyone been to ‘shisanhang’ musuem in Bali (Taipei County)?

I’ve seen some information about it and it looks quite interesting. I was thinking about checking it out but not sure if they have English translations. I tried to e-mail but got no reply.

Their website is

Haven’t been inside as the museum was closed by the time I got there. But it looks pretty cool and the waste treatment plant beside must be seen to be believed.

Also, if you’re in the area consider driving up Guanyinshan just before sunset and then climbing the winding staired path to the top. The view is great.

Here are two Taipei Times articles about the museum: … /26/203614 … /11/201628

I visited it in early Oct 2004.
A little tip: visitors can check with the staff at Guandu MRT station control on the availability of a “one-day promotional ticket” at NT120. It includes the entrance fees NT100, 2-way transfer to the Museum by R13 (Red 13) and 2-way ferry ride from Bali Wharf to Tamshui Wharf.

thanks for the advice.

someone also told me i should hire a PDA there for free. does anyone know about this?

Sorry about the lateness of this reply, just saw the post.

I went there last year. It’s a decent museum, new and quite swankily designed. About half the stuff has English signage. The whole thing is very interesting if you like the ancient cultures thing. Makes you realise little is known about preChinese Taiwan. Decent couple of hours.

If you choose a nice day, you could get the boat from Danshui to Bali, and hire some bikes. Ride along the new bikepath by the river. It doesn’t go all the way to the museum but it’s nice all the same.