Shitstorm warning

Current forum bullshit level…

Apparently anything over 100 is considered a shitstorm.

Tech Forum: 26

Open: 74

Dogs and cats and stuff: 32

Dating and relationships: 86

Fun & Games: 90

Vroom, vroom: 37

American Politics (sorry, I mean “International” Politics): ninety million

hee hee. Temp?

Oh man, Fun & Games at least. Tell me you didn’t at least giggle.

I question your methodology.

That’s bullshit! It’s not a dogs and cats forum! It’s for newts and nookanookabies too!

Specist! (or is it speciest?)


Any small crap warnings?

Research shows that 67.3 percent of all stats are simply made up, so I’m not taking this thread too seriously.