Short term kindergarten in taipei

Hi everyone, I am looking for 2 months kindergarten for my 5 years old girl, she only can speak english eventhough learning chinese in kindergarten in Singapore as well.
I am planing to send her to a kindergarten in Neihu Taipei in november and december 2019 but the fee is daily fee which cost 1000/day. So I am trying to find another option.
Anyone can help me, pleaseee

@May I am also looking for Kindergarten. Did you manage to find one in the end?

In Taipei, near Da-An Park:

Chinese Culture University Affiliated Kindergarten


106台北市大安區瑞安街256巷20號 (plug this into google).


They take children even with little to no Chinese speaking ability.
Meals provided, etc. Outings to the Da-An park and playground.

@CTaitung Hi there, thank you for your recommendation. I will take a look at the school. How do you find the teachers and food served to the kids over there?

Very very good overall.
Female teachers mostly young (20s/30s) and very positive attitudes towards their job and responsibility over the students/children. Food also fine.

If you look at the English and Chinese name, you can see it is affiliated with Chinese Culture University, which has a Chinese Mandarin language center for foreigners in that building on the corner of Ho-Ping East Road and Chien-Kuo South Road (northeast corner).

I found 1 kindergarten in Neihu as a homebase school with abit poor facilities and teacher can not speak any english but unable to send the kid for school because my mom admitted to hospital in urgent. I still determind to go this year dec 2020 again. Did you find the school? Can you share the information with me, please?

Thank you for your reply. May I know do they accept 1 month pupil? I am going there again in dec 2020 if possible.

Yes. But don’t take my word, as guidelines could have changed over the years.
Call them ASAP to hold a spot for you (even in December). I believe they would accept a deposit (or at least ask them).
Their classes can fill up sometimes, depending on the season.

Have you looked at any Montessori schools?


Thank you very much for your advice. Can you provide me the school email and contact?


I haven’t. My kid was in montessorie N2 before then transfered to Mindchamps. My point here is find a school for her to practice her chinese, she is english speaking kid and we have to take chinese as mother tongue for her in primary 1 next year.

@CTaitung Thanks for the information. I found the school’s website (I hope this is correct) but I can’t find any email address. Would you know what is the school’s email address?

@May If your main objective is to learn Mandarin, would you consider schools outside of Neihu? I think there are many schools around Taipei which will meet your objective. Or must you stay in Neihu?

Sorry, have no email contact.

@CTaitung No worries. Thanks!