Should Chen resign as DPP chairman?

CSB should resign as Chairman of DPP

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President Chen took personal responsibility for the defeat as his party’s chairman. The party’s secretary general and two deputy secretaries general submitted their resignations, to be considered at a meeting of the party leadership on Tuesday.[/quote]

Shouldn’t CSB promote the democratic process and step down from the chairman position of the DPP. Obviously he has become out of touch with the people since coming into office for the past 8 months.

Perhaps he should take some responsibility off his plate and focus on his main job, running the country as President of ROC, Taiwan.

And two defeats for Soong and Zhan in the Pres race… shouldnt they resign?

Thats for the party to decide.

It’s an electoral defeat. This is a new democracy at work. Perhaps you would like the elections to be rigged, as in China.

The people have spoken. Thats why we have elections. Imaging all scandels a paper like the apple daily news would have fun iwth in China.

Taiwan is still moving further away from China.

Chen Shuibian should resign as chairman of the DPP because he never should have been chairman in the first place. A sitting president should not be the president of the party. Chen himself said so before he became president, and was very critical of the KMT for this practice. It’s a system you’d expect from the Chiang Kaishek era. But after CSB was elected he started maneuvering to change the DPP party charter so that he could be made chairman.

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I agree that he should resign and I also think that the DPP would do well by getting rid of thing like the weekly meetings that make it seem like a mirrror of the KMT.

In his defense, things were pretty chaotic in the DPP before Chen took over since no one had the authority to tell everybody what to do. But so what. Let the factions fight it out through the party’s internal democratic mechanisms. Better a little disunity than the way the KMT is run.

He should stay on and keep the troops together.

He’s the strongest politician able to keep order and unity in the green camp. That’s his job.

Also, as he will be a lame duck president from now on, I would believe that he has plenty of time to fulfill both duties satidfying from now on.

Chen did the gracious thing and conceded, something Soong and Lien still haven`t done.

In Lien/Soong defense. None of the LY candidates took a magic bullet in the stomach on the eve of the election.

Also Chen shouldn’t be conceding, he should be apologizing to the DPP for moving too far away from the center and acting like a loon for the past 2 weeks. It was the center that got him elected in the first place, not the loons of the Deep Green.

If he showed such poor judgement in the LY elections, what kind of lapse in judgement will he have in the executive office. Everyone has their limits.

So it is in the best interest of ROC, Taiwan, if CSB focuses on the job he was elected by the people of Taiwan to do. Run the country.


Anything like the “poor judgement” Lian’s shown in, you know, the last 9 months?

Hear hear!

So it is in the best interest of ROC, Taiwan, if CSB focuses on the job he was elected by the people of Taiwan to do. Run the country.[/quote]

I agree, only the Pan Blues will make running the country all but impossible. Being Blue yourself, you should know that by now.

Thats whats scary for Taiwan. No doubt theyll make destroying CSB and the DPP their primary task instead of getting on with the peoples business of political and economic reform. A new constitution or even reforming it is pretty much dead now. Lets just hope some moderate KMT legislators put the people`s interests ahead of legislative paralysis and work with the president.

Actually guys I think the DPP party regulations now say a sitting DPP president has to be party chairman. Chen can’t really resign from the presidency only without changing the rules. The rule was changed so that the party would be less chaotic and so the President and party would have fewer policy differences (remember A-bian’s sudden about turn ont he 4th power plant that left the DPP supporting protests anyway?)

[quote=“Taichungmafia”]Lets just hope some moderate KMT legislators put the people`s interests ahead of legislative paralysis and work with the president.[/quote]Sadly, a number of those moderates lost their seats on Saturday.

And those moderates didn’t exactly work with President Chen from 2001-2004.

Even slimmer chance of that happening now.

I guess the silver lining in this election has been the very poor performance of the PFP. The people have rejected the extreme Chinese annexationist policies of both the PFP and the NP. Perhaps the title of this thread should be whether Soong should resign as party leader.

The less that crowd of fools in the legislature does the better. Let them get on with the important business of pulling each other’s hair and throwing food. The rest of us are far too busy working. How many days off do we get next year? I count two. What does the legislature get? Seven weeks is it?

Shower of good-for-nothing gangsters that’s all they are, blue, green, pink, orange, whatever. Jesus. :unamused:

Chen will resign from the chairmanship tomorrow.
總統明辭主席 中常委互推代理主席


Reporter: "Might the president resign from the party chairmanship? Presidential Secretary Su Chen-chang: “I’m sorry, thanks, thank you.”[/quote]

I’ll believe it, when I see it.

Well, Chen has mostly kept his word, so well… You better start believing right now…

Don’t tar everybody with your own brush.

I’m still waiting for the confirmation of the next DPP chairman, before I comment.