Should China Post yank Beetle Bailey cartoon for being sexist

The Chicago Tribune newspaper has dropped its popular “Beetle” cartoon, that also appears in the China Post here, because of ‘‘sexism.’’ Really?

I wonder what former editors here like Wolf and Monkey and Sandman and other ex, former or current newspaper editors (I assume these aforementioned people had the power to make decisions at their respective newspapers) would do here. Yank it, leave it in?

It is kind of a dinosaur, but it’s almost a tradition, like PEANUTS.

Well, this is what the journo-buzz in the US is now (BELOW). Comments?

Maybe these issues have relevance for Taiwan papers too, I don’t know. Does sexism exist in Taiwanese manga? - M

FROM the CHICAgO READER weekly newspaper:

The president of King Features headed to Chicago in June, a few days after the Tribune dropped “Beetle Bailey.” He wanted to know why the 52-year-old cartoon was pulled. “He was not a happy camper,” says Tribune features czar James Warren. Another syndicate veep who’s trying to get Beetle and his Miss Buxley gags back in the Trib tells Michael Miner he believes he knows what’s behind the move. “It’s been hinted, that there was sexism. It came from within the Chicago Tribune, I don’t know what level. We think it came from a pretty high level.” Editor Ann Marie Lipinski says she had nothing to do with pulling the strip. (Chicago Reader)

Beetle Bailey MIA

Not me, mate. As Lol so succinctly put it in a much earlier post, my bum warmed a seat at the Guardian for a year or two, but the only power I had was the power to decide how much sugar to put in my coffee!

I think that Beetle Bailey could be livened up a bit by putting him on trips to Korea, Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc. That would also bring the strip up to date.

As it is, Beetle stays “out of action” all the time. What relevance is that to modern military life?

Originally posted by Hartzell: As it is, Beetle stays "out of action" all the time. What relevance is that to modern military life?

Relevance? You want relevance? Jeez, Richard, there’s a talking dog, fer crissakes!

I chose the original comics for the TT daily paper, or rather, suggested what should be there and that was adopted. Removing or adding a strip after that would have been out of my hands.

Beetle Bailey, Peanuts, Hagar the Horrible and their ilk are far past being put out to pasture, not for political correctness violations, but because they simply are out of touch and, most importantly, are not funny.

I want to know what judge of humor chose Mr. Potato Head for the Post. That strip is so far from being funny that reading it makes me feel that I am on Candid Camera, waiting for Allen Funt to jump out of the shadows…

Excuse me…Peanuts is not funny??? Get a life.

Two words: broad appeal.


I don’t think Peanuts is that funny either. Well, I haven’t read it in so long, but much of it wasn’t that funny to me. Calvin and Hobbes, now THAT was funny!!! I’m so sad it ended.

Peanuts is SOOO unfunny it makes me cringe almost as much as Beetle and Potatoman.

And what about that one with the fat Canadians – is that even SUPPOSED to be funny or is it meant to be some kind of drama? Dismal.

Meehan Streak, even Monty and Duplex are funny, while Calvin and Hobbes is in a class of its own.

Does anyone remember “Alex?” I used to like that one.

Monty wanting to play midnight badmington with Dwayne a few days ago was a riot.

Peanuts is peanuts.