Should dogs be allowed to vote?

Should dogs be allowed to vote ?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but only in their own parliament
  • No
  • Grrr, woof woof bark

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Should dogs be allowed to vote ? They can drive cars and drink beer, I saw it on youtube, so why not vote ? Or maybe have their own doggie parliament ? There have already been presidential puppies and kitties (Socks, Buster, Humphrey et al)
Besides, they couldn’t vote for anyone worse than we have.

Devlin, the dog mayor of Abilene, Texas, would be the one to ask.

Why would you not ask about cats? That is sooooo typically specist of you. :raspberry:

“Specist” is almost the same as “Special”. I would take that as a compliment if I were you, BFM.

[quote=“sandman”]Devlin, the dog mayor of Abilene, Texas, would be the one to ask.[/quote]Exactly, and Hartlepool (Not not Hartly Pool on here, the other one) elected a monkey. So why aren’t there more dogs, or hamsters, in government ?
Cats in government would be silly, they would just sleep all day and vote themselves more fish, they obvously belong in the House of Lords.

We got Tony Bleeeeeuuuuuurrrrrgggggghhhhhhh elected to the highest office in the land. How can you complain about a lack of rodents in government?

But of course, Dogs should be allowed to vote! But I have to say human politics are way to confusing, and political!!

Yours truly
Paws Up! :laughing:

Yes, but not Malteses. Goddamn powder puffs!

“A post for every dog to pee on”
“Vote for Gumball, Dogs Best Friend”
Camera pans through a walk in the park, a seat on the couch, a romp after the cat–pan to candidate hugging and petting irish setter, looks at candidate lovingly and licks face

That really is Devlin posting above, by the way. His secretary Annette sent me a nice PM, so I gave Animals Taiwan a plug as well.