Should I scan BOTH USA and Taiwan passports upon entering Taiwan?


I know this has been asked before but a long time ago. I was born in Taiwan but I’m a US citizen. I am going to get my Taiwan passport next week and from now on, whenever I enter Taiwan should I get both Taiwan and US passports stamped/scanned?

Reason I ask is because if I enter Taiwan with ONLY a Taiwan passport, the US has no record of me entering Taiwan- is this a problem or not?..anyone know?

EDIT: I did a thorough search on this topic on this forum and it seems the consensus is that US doesn’t care about stamps and where you have been, just as long as you reenter US with a US passport. Also, found this book quotes the US state department addressing this very issue:

Still, I think I’ll just ask the Taiwan customs people to stamp my US passport when I exit Taiwan just in case…




Don’t bother. I haven’t gotten a Taiwan stamp in my U.S. passport in years as I always use the e-gate.

Taiwan allows you to enter Taiwan using only one passport. They can stamp two passports when you leave, but isn’t a departure stamp without an accompanying entry stamp going to scream dual nationality more than no stamps at all?


You can only enter Taiwan on one passport.
If you enter with your US passport, you will need a visa to stay beyond the visa free entry period for US citizens.

Leave the US with your US passport. Enter Taiwan with your Taiwan passport. Leave Taiwan with your Taiwan passport and enter the US with your US passport.

The tricky part is ticketing. Your name on the ticket must match the name on the passport being used. Sounds simple, but its not when you have two names, one Chinese and one English. Be aware of that when you book tickets.


Legally, she would be required to leave and enter the US with the US passport and enter and leave Taiwan with the Taiwan passport.


For anyone with both Twn/US passports, book all tickets with your English names on the US passports.
Leave the US with US passport. Swipe that scanner screen with the US passport.
Enter Taiwan with Taiwan passport.
Leave Taiwan with Taiwan passport.
Enter US with US passport.

We’ve done this for years.

When leaving Taiwan, 1 out of 10 times or maybe never, the immigration officer MAY, repeat MAY, ask to see the ID that represents the English name on the ticket (if English spelling does not match Taiwan english name).
Show US passport then. The officer will just take a quick glance and confirm the 2 passports are same person and then stamp the Taiwan passport with a departure stamp. There is no issue. Stop sweating.