Should I search for an English Teaching Job before or after Chinese New Year?

Hello Forumosa Community!

This is my first post in the forum so please forgive me if this isn’t in the correct catagory. I’ve only recently-two weeks ago-decided that I’ll be teaching in Taiwan(Taipe), rather than Japan, for financial reasons, and my plan for the last few months was to arrive in the country and look for a job in late December/early January. However, I’ve become pretty unsure about the latter timing of year because of the closely following Chinese Lunar New Year-which I read is essentially the peak of low-hiring.

My question is, am I better off arriving early as possible on December 26th or should I wait until the “end” of Chinese New Year to be on foot patrol for a job?

Any insight would be much appreciated

If you do come before CNY, be aware it’s one of the longer holidays here. You will likely have 1-3 weeks without pay, which can be rough just starting out in a new place.

I would come at the start of the year because if you arrive at the end of the year you will be hit with an 18% tax. You need to stay in Taiwan 184 days to qualify for the lower 6% tax.

This doesn’t really matter because he’ll get the difference back and more at come tax time.

You can arrive just about anytime and find a job. However, by arriving earlier, you’ll usually have better options. If you don’t mind waiting around for the semester to start then you’ll probably hook up with a place that is more to your liking.

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I see, so if I were to be hired before the CNY, it would just be an unpaid holiday I assume?

hm okay, but if I plan to agree on a contract that extends to the end of 2020 wouldn’t I not have to worry about that issue?