Should I try to book Taichung- SunMoon lake bus online or just wait in line on the day?


I am travelling from Taichung to SunMoon lake during CNY. I thought because of the rush it might be better to book tickets beforehand. But their website is very confusing Should I still try, with the help of someone local?


It wouldn’t hurt to have a local look at the website for you, but I’m pretty sure that bus is first come first serve, so you’re not buying a ticket for a specific bus time, you’re just buying a ticket that allows you to wait in line to board the next available bus. In other words, there is no incentive to buy ahead of time, since there is a ticket counter right there at Taichung HSR station and (I think) you’ll be waiting in the same line either way.


I do a drive by to sun moon lake every sunday morning, its one of my weekend routine… I can drop u off there if u want