Should Japan remove Article 9 of its Constitution?

I am a strong proponent of Japan developing its military capabilities to counter Chinese aggression. Japan is best positioned to assist Taiwan due to its proximity. The Japanese have the most potential in making things happen if they really wanted to.

But do you think Japan should remove Article 9 of its Constitution? Why should China be given a free rein to flaunt its might and arrogance in the region while Japan has its hands tied by an outdated relic?

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The problem seems more that they have little interest in doing so, and I can’t really blame them there. That said, they’re no longer the Japan of old, so I’m for it both strategically and ideologically. Obviously, however, it would be great if this would accompany a statement of wrongdoing and something related to an apology to all of the different peoples they invaded. If they had an actual will to create an army, if I were the USA, I’d have them apologize and introduce German-style reforms and education about their past in exchange for an army. Unfortunately that’s not really a bargaining chip on the board.